I Want to Buy a GoPro Camera


I really like traveling and want to buy a GoPro camera that would be easy to set up and carry around wherever I go. Since the price is quite expensive, I'm not sure whether it is better to buy this camera or a mirrorless camera.  


1. How much is your savings?
A. Less than Rp 72 million
B. Around Rp 80 million
C. More than Rp 100 million

2. Why do you need to buy it now?
A. All of my traveler friends have it  
B. I want to be a part of its community
C. I'm often involved in extreme sports

3. How are you going to buy this camera?
A. I will use credit card installment
B. I will use my savings
C. I will use my salary next month


If You Score 50 or Less:

GoPro camera is a niche product that has become really populer among photography enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy doing adventures in unconventional settings –surfing, mount climbing, skydiving, etc. Before you are buying any tertiary product, get enough emergency funds that can cover at least six months of your expenditures when something unexpected happens, because you will need to buy more accessories to maximize the use of this small gadget in the future.   

If You Score Between 50 and 80:

The price of this camera is probably not too expensive, but the cost to buy the accessories –a rechargeable battery, detachable LCD screen, dive housing, chest mounts, head mounts, etc.– will increase your expenses now and in the future. Ask several friends who have bought the product about the plus and minus before you decide to spend Rp 5 million or more for your hobby. If you think you can take good quality pictures with a mirrorless camera, then you don't need to buy a GoPro. Remember that there is no display on the back of this camera.

If You Score 80 or More:

Although your salary is enough to buy this stuff, you still need to compare the frequency of use with the price you pay. The price of the camera is equivalent to the sale price divided by the amount of usage. So, if the original price is Rp 5 million and you intend to use it once a month for the next two years, that means you spend around Rp 208,000 for a single use. If you are sure that the item will suit your needs, then you can buy it. Who knows you can have the opportunity to make extra money by nurturing your hobby.

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