8 Ways to Say “Thank You”

Your creativity in saying “thank you” will help you win your next business, invitation, or gift.

How do you say thank you to a friend for simply being there? Or for helping you out when you need a hand? There are so many ways -- big and small -- to express your love, gratitude and appreciation.

1. The Old Fashion Way

Almost no one else does it anymore so take time to show the importance of the person you’d like to express your gratitude. Write for sincerity and not for length.

2. A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Your iPad or Samsung Tab has a camera, most phones these days do. Capture the moment and frame it.

3. Say It In Many Ways

Google it. YouTube it. You’ll be surprised the many languages you can say Thank You, and the many ways you can do it.

4. Do The Unexpected

Even if you’ve already said it, surprise them with something a little extra: a flower, a pizza delivery for the staff, a voucher for Karaoke – when they least expect it.

5. Say it Digitally

There are funny ways you can send a thank you note to someone and  JibJab offers a wide array of options.

6. The Gift of Time

We all know that Time Is Money or Gold or Silver, but whatever it is, spend some time with the person.

7. Donate In Your Friend’s or Company’s Behalf

What do you give to someone or company that has it all? Find out if your friend or the company has a charity they are involved with, donate.

8. Just Say It

Nike built an entire empire based on three words: Just Do It, but the entire world of civility is built on two words: THANK YOU. Say it with sincerity and you’ll see it replicated again.

In this highly digitized world of business, our fast-paced advancement is tempered only by our acts of kindness. At the end of the day, you still can’t email a handshake. And there many ways by which you can express this gratitude, such as the site  grainsofearth.org, which helps you say thank you in a fun way.

Remember that you are thanking someone for the kindness they have shown. It could be the secretary who let you meet the owner and got you your business. Or the HR Head who just hired you. Or the security guard who showed you where the right way was. Or simply expanding your network from a casual acquaintance to a stronger acknowledgment of each other.

Whatever the reason, express your gratitude and, if possible, pay it forward.

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