How to Make Money While on Holiday

Holidays are coming and you are so ready for a vacation. Besides having fun, you can also make extra money while on  holiday! Let’s learn from those who already did it.

1. Write a travel article

You can take notes during your trip, put it into writing, and submit it to the media. This is what Kenny Santana, owner of @kartupos twitter account with 55,900 followers and whose travel pieces are often published in major media, does.

It all started with his Europe trip in 2003, when he discovered the beauty of traveling and sharing the experience with others through his writing.

"Every time I travel I always look for an unusual angle to the trip, then pitch it to some media editors. From one trip I can write on multiple angles for different media according to the target readers. Thus, I can make more articles, which also means more money of course," said Kenny, who was a movie programming manager for an Indonesian theater chain for 7 years before deciding to pursue his traveling hobby in 2013.

"Search for a holiday destination that has not been explored or discussed by many people, so the possibility of getting your writings piece accepted by editors will be higher,” explained the man who has traveled to five continents.

2. Become a photo contributor

Put those photography skills to work!

Dammer Saragih, a professional photographer whose work has been published by many national and international media, advised, "First, find a place that is not so common. That means, choosing a less popular place. Second, interact more with local residents, so you will not only be a 'spectator'. Lots of interesting things and surprises emerge when we interact with the locals, " he said.

"It doesn’t take a wow photography skills actually, you just need to have an understanding of travel and landscape photos. Frequently browse through travel magazines to know what kind of photos can make money," explained the man who once lived in the U.S. and loves traveling and  photography since he was young.

3. Get a Work and Holiday Visa

working holiday visa australiaIf you can stretch your vacation time and want to add some work experience, try to take advantage of Work and Holiday Visa. This type of visa is already offered by many countries, but unfortunately Indonesian citizens can only apply to Australia. With this visa,Indonesian citizens aged 18-30 can get permission to work legally while vacationing in Australia. This visa is valid for a year.

Citra Setya, 29, shares her experience in using a  Work and Holiday Visa for six months. "With this visa, we can legally work and get better pay. Usually companies employ us as a casual worker. That means, we are employed only if there is a need, contrariwise we are free to quit anytime we want. Another advantage is that they pay us higher than contract or full time workers," said the woman who used to work in a multinational PR company in Jakarta.

She is now living in Perth and has worked in several fine-dining restaurants over the past few months. She can now afford to buy a car from the income she earned in Australia.

According to Citra, the process to apply for this special visa for young professionals is not difficult.

"Many agencies offer services to get this Work and Holiday Visa, usually (cost) Rp 9 million to Rp 12 million," she explained. However, she suggested to apply directly, because it can cut costs by half, or around Rp 4 million to Rp 5 million. "Immigration and The Australian Visa Application Center (AVAC) has been very transparent in processing the documents," said the Couchsurfing lover.

"Use this visa wisely, because one year is not so long. Also, get mentally prepared. Do not whine, and be open-minded, " she advised.

4. Rent a out your place 

If you are planning to go on a holiday for a longer period of time, you can  rent out your place while away –especially if you have another house or villa or apartment that is unoccupied. Instead of leaving your property empty and dusty, you can register it on Airbnb. The US-based company founded in 2008 accommodates more than 800,000 listings from tens of thousands cities in 190 countries. It is unique because anyone can become a host and offer any type of accommodation –from a bunk bed to an entire house, or even something more unique like a tree house or a caravan.    

“The place doesn't have to be luxurious at all," said Leander Yohanes, a representative of Airbnb in Asia Pacific, when he visited Jakarta this month. "Most of our members are looking for a unique environment that is different than a hotel," he explained.  

Leander said Airbnb has Host Guarantee –insurance coverage to protect the host property from any risk of damage. Also, host can request for a deposit and return it 24 hours after a guest has checked out from the property. Airbnb will get 3% commission for every successful transaction.                 

Henry, one of Airbnb host in Jakarta, rents out two rooms in his two-story house all year long. "Trust is important. We (Henry and his wife) try to invite people with trust, because we give them the key of our house," he said, adding his experience of staying in Airbnb accommodations within several countries. He even got hosted by an American, who rented his room once, when he visited the United States. "We see Airbnb as a way to connect with people, not as a source of income," said Henry.

Making money while vacationing is certainly nice because you get to do the things you like. That said, no matter what route you choose, don't forget to have fun!                           

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