​Saving Tips for Christmas Home Decor

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

The catchy lyrics we often hear in coffee shops and department stores throughout December kind of remind us why we like this season so much. The festivity, the time spent with the loved ones, the colorful decorations and presents are parts that make Christmas holiday memorable.

You too can decorate your house with your own unique style, without breaking the bank.

Start with a budget

We have asked around and found that many people do not think about budgeting at all when the holidays come. Before you know it, you have spent millions of rupiah on decorations. Since you still have a few weeks to prepare for it, check how much you can afford to spend without hurting the rest of your  budget. Remember that the budget should cover the entire season and decoration is just a small fraction of it. As a guidance, you can limit your budget up to 50% of your annual bonus or festive allowance (THR) and keep those "magic cards" away from your wallet –in case you have a sudden craving for things you do not really need.

Focus on one part of the house

Yes, we know that decorating can be dreadful and fun at the same time. A short trip to the market to buy a Christmas tree could become a time-consuming trip producing extra things to put around the house. If you do not want to end up with clutters, make a shopping list and stick religiously to it. Pick the most favorite room in the house and decorate it based on your preference. For those who have no artistic skill, the World Wide Web have the answers –invest time absorbing ideas from PinterestClipzine, or Instagram.

Christmas-ready with little effort

If you do not have time to go shopping or have very little amount to spend, fright not! Christmas is about remembering Jesus and not so much about creating a fancy tree. Families who have limited space can be imaginative in creating their own version of "Christmas tree", e.g. attaching photos and Christmas cards on the wall to make them resemble a Christmas tree. Here are other things you can add:

  • Cover a small area with Christmas themed design, e.g. wallpaper on the wall or a rug on the floor
  • Add a touch of red and green to emphasize the holiday color scheme
  • Stick Christmassy ornaments on the wall using Blu-Tack to make it easier to clean
  • Arrange Christmas cards and small ornaments on an old bookshelf, refrigerator or shoe rack
  • Small details to boost the mood, e.g. put jars filled with aromatic candles, wrap cutlery for dinner with Christmas stocking
  • Allow children to create DIY projects –there are many great tutorials available on the internet.

Know when and where to shop

As silly as it may seem, the best time to shop for Christmas decorations is a few days or a week after Christmas. If you are willing to wait –and store the items in your storeroom– you can save a lot for next year. Places like ITC Mangga Dua in Jakarta or Pasar Atom in Surabaya would have some shops selling decorations and lights. Last but not least, try online shopping so that you can save money and time on transportation, but still have the power to scour the net and compare prices.  

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