How to Financially Survive After a Divorce

No one wants a divorce. Nevertheless, if it happens, one should be ready to deal with it –not only mentally, but also financially.

How to survive financially after a divorce? Here are some tips from those who have been through it.

1. Create an inventory of assets

This inventory is especially important for assets acquired after marriage. Your list should include the following assets:

In Indonesia, the Marriage Act No. 1 of 1974 Article 35 states that there are two types of wealth not included in joint assets. First, assets already owned by the husband or wife before marriage. Second is assets received after marriage, either from a grant, will or inheritance.

Ally, an entrepreneur in her early 30s, who was divorced about three years ago, said, "I was 'lucky' I had been married for quite short time, so it was still clear which assets should be divided. There was also a verbal conversation about what we are going to divide, in this case the house and car."

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