Holiday in Nepal for Under Rp 7 Million

“Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.” - Jeffrey Rasley, photographer-cum-traveler

Nepal, a small country blessed with breathtaking views and hiking tracks surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains, is beautiful beyond words.

Ririn Kusuma tells LiveOlive how, for under Rp 7 million, you can visit this “heaven on earth” for mountain climbers.

Plane ticket

A round trip flight from Jakarta to Nepal’s capital Kathmandu with a budget airline costs between Rp 3.5 million and Rp 4 million. Most of the flights require transit in neighboring countries Malaysia and Singapore. Purchasing plane ticket way in advance – around six months before the holiday – can save you up to 30%.

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Activities in Nepal

“Nepal is the ultimate trekking destination! There are dozens of treks, from treks that can be completed within days to those that would take one whole month (to finish),” says Fedi Fianto, a sea and mountain enthusiast who has visited Nepal twice. He is a member of Indonesian Expedition Team called “ Gapai Tinggi” who had successfully ‘conquered’ Ama Dablam – one of the most popular Himalayan peaks – in 2013.

Fedi explains that there are three popular treks in Nepal, namely Everest Base Camp(EBC),Annapurna Base Camp(ABC), and Manaslu Circuit Trek. “Anyone can do it because the tracks are clear, safe and there are many lodges within the area.”

Spending two days in Kathmandu and three days for trekking is quite affordable. A three-day, two-night trek will cost Rp 600,000 – including meal and accommodation – for a commercial track. This is a trek where you do not need to hire a tour guide. Other than that, you need to prepare a budget to buy a down jacket, get a trekking permit for 120,000 and hire a porter.

“Bring as little and keep your bag as light as possible so you don’t need to hire a porter,” says Nicholas, 28, who just finished his trekking in Nepal and had hired a porter for Rp 120,000 per person.

According to Fedi, the best time for trekking is in spring, around April or May, when the national flower of Nepal, Rhondodendrons, bloom.

If you want to expand your itinerary, you can visit Lumbini – the birthplace of Siddharta Gautama, go to tiger safaris, or do outdoor activities, e.g. paragliding which would cost around Rp 900,000.  

Visa on Arrival

To enter Nepal, Indonesian tourists must apply for visa on arrival which will cost USD 25 for 15 day stays. You can prepare a passport size photo in case needed. The currency used in Nepal is Nepali Rupee (NPR).

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Nepal does not have an integrated public transportation system. Therefore, taking a taxi is the easiest way to get around.

“There are two types of taxis in Nepal, regular taxi (using small cars) and luxury taxis,” says Prashanta, 28, who went to Nepal for holidays.

For example, taxi from the airport to Thamel, a tourist hub in Kathmandu, costs Rp 75,000 for regular taxi and Rp 450,000 for luxury taxi.

From Kathmandu to Pokhara, the starting point for trekking, you can take a bus or rent a car. A bus ride costs Rp 160,000 (round trip) and car rental costs up to Rp 900,000.

Meals and accommodation

There are two types of accommodation in Kathmandu, hostel and hotel. A hostel with six beds a room costs 50,000 per person per night, and a three-star hotel costs around Rp 400,000 per night. For meals, you can adjust your budget based on personal preference, starting at around Rp 50,000 for a meal at a simple restaurant.

“Nepalis are very friendly with tourists because most of their income are generated from tourism,” says Fedi, who is already planning to climb another mountain in Nepal this year.

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