March's Checklist (2015)

1. Submit tax report

Instead of waiting until the end of March, submit your tax report as soon as you have time. It would only take an hour to complete the personal income tax form based on the 1721 A1/A2 document that you have received from your company. If you cannot send the documents directly to a tax office (KPP) or by mail, submit them online on

2. Invest time and money

If you already know your net worth, it is time to invest your money in something that would be beneficial in the future. Saving money in the bank is good, but it will not increase your assets or support your greater goals. Another valuable thing in life is time; a measure that is often taken for granted. People say "time is money" because we cannot get our time back even if we have a lot of money. The time that we spend today will have an impact for the future, for example if we invest few hours of our time to teach children in an orphanage now, we will not generate any monetary reward but something much more valuable like love and hope for the kids.                        

3. Save energy

Since 2007, we have been introduced to Earth Hour, a global environmental movement by WWF that raises awareness about climate change through a lights-off event. This year, it will be held on March 28, at 8:30 PM-9:30 PM. Turning off your lights for an hour might not bring a significant impact, but you can continue the action by doing little things to save energy in your house and workplace, e.g. using a central power switch which can easily be turned off when you leave a room. 

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