Business Ideas for Under Rp 5 Million

A tree with strong trunk and lush leaves come from tiny seeds.

The same can be said for businesses. An enterprise can be successful even with very limited capital to start with.

Here are five successful business that started with Rp 5 million or less!

1. Ratu Aria – Cupcakes

bisnis jual cupcake

After working for 7 years as a secretary in a media company, Ratu decided to quit her job when her first child started kindergarten. This mother of two rarely cooked or baked, but since she quit her job, she started to learn how to bake from YouTube videos during her spare time.

Ratu chose cupcakes because it is relatively easy to make. After giving samples to her family and friends, she got a lot of support to sell it more seriously. With Rp 2 million capital money for an oven, a mixer, and cupcake ingredients, she started “Malika’s Cupcakes” – which name is taken from her second child.

To promote her business, she uses social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and has a website as her online store. To maintain good quality, she only uses imported butter and cream, and never uses preservatives. Facing the competitive cupcakes business, Ratu is determined to keep expanding her business by adding new flavors and experimenting with designs.

Started with: Rp 2 million
Monthly revenue now: around Rp 15 million

2. Sally Cassandra – Melinjo Crackers

bisnis jual empingSally and her family sell home-made emping (melinjo) crackers using their very own recipe.

Her main challenge was finding the right recipe and seasoning. The seasoning must be cooked manually and spread evenly on each cracker. Little details, such as the heat, stirring, and the duration, can affect the result.

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Careful experimenting with various combinations and techniques paid off! Sales of their emping has been very good. Sally designed special packaging and started to sell it online.

Started with: Rp 4.5 million
Monthly revenue now: Rp 3 million-Rp 7 million

3. Dina Rosalyn – Handicraft

bisnis kerajinan batikDina saved up some money to buy batik handbags from Surakarta and started reselling it to her colleagues. To add value, she got creative with the packaging, making it more eye-catching. 

Dina then decided to take this more seriously and proceeded to build a brand, "Apik". Moreover, Dina also started building a collection with other craft items she makes herself.

However, to her, this online business is not merely about making money. Apik helps the local bamboo craftsmen to increase their production and income.

Started with: less than Rp 2 million
Monthly revenue now: Rp 500,000-Rp 3 million

4. Tata – Snacks at Pasar Santa

No one would have thought that Pasar Santa would be this hip. Pasar Santa has been Jakarta’s talk of the town with its many unique tenants, selling their unique and cheap products.

One of them is Tata, the owner of “Sloppy Bro”, which offers sloppy joes – sandwich consisting of ground beef, onions, Worcestershire sauce, and other seasonings – and other snacks. For variety, he sells a special menu only available on Sundays.

He started with Rp 4.5 million, spending it on rent, painting, store display, and food ingredients.

Just like other businesses run by young people, Tata uses Instagram to build awareness for his brand. Testament to his success, he now also sponsors charity events – the most recent being a marathon where he provided food for the runners after the event.

Started with: Rp 4.5 million
Monthly revenue now: Rp 13 million-Rp 15 million

5. Tuti – Office Catering

Tuti is the main income earner for her family, so she started a catering service, by selling home cooked meals to her church friends. With Rp 100,000, this woman, who used to live in a temporary housing, sold packaged rice to 3-4 people every day.

Her determination paid off. Within the next several years,Tuti was able to build a decent house for her family. Now, aged 46, Tuti still manages her catering business that has been running for 10 years and retained loyal customers. The secret of her business lies in the ability to maintain taste and cleanliness. 

Started with: Rp 100,000
Monthly revenue now: Rp 12 million-Rp 16 million

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