4 Great Websites to Find Side Jobs

There are many young mothers who wish to work from home while taking care of their children. However, many of them have no idea how to start. Here are some sites that help freelancers find jobs.

Daniel G. Praditya, chairman of Indonesian Freelancers Association says that he can earn USD 1,500-2,000 from his freelancing jobs.

“I usually do Excel coding and translations from English to Bahasa Indonesia,” says the man who now employs several people to help with that project.

1. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is currently the biggest freelancer website in the world. According to Daniel, this site is the most popular among freelancers in Indonesia. Like any other freelancer website, the site will require you to write CV, work experience, specific skill, and the most important thing – the title on your cover letter. The title of your cover letter is very important because it summarizes your skills so people who are looking for your expertise can see it immediately. Think of it as your "billboard" so make it catchy to attract a potential client's attention.

“Freelancer.com is also innovates by transforming its website so it’s easier for our user,” says Daniel. The website also offers certification for registered freelancers. “To get this certificate, users have to pay some amount of money. But it shows our advantage so the service seeker can estimate our ability,” says Daniel.

Meanwhile, to apply for a job, you have to make a proposal or cover letter. It is your selling point because some service seekers need to be re-assured of what your skills are.

2. Upwork.com

Similar to freelancer.com, Upwork.com also requires you to fill some details, including CV, work experience, and your skills. On this website, the title of your service is also very important. But once you apply, you are not guaranteed to be accepted right away. Upwork’s automatic system will review your data first to make sure you are not a spammer or having double accounts.

Actually there is also a skill certification on Upwork, and it is free. But it does not add your value because everyone can take the same certification. In here, you will also be reviewed by your client according to your work.

Some clients even also specifically require you to not only copy and paste the cover letter or proposal because they think it is displeasing.

3. Peopleperhour.com

Same as other freelancing websites, peopleperhour.com is also free to register. But you do not need to wait until your membership is approved. Some service seekers in Indonesia seek personal assistants or market research. Lots of entrepreneur from abroad want to run a business in Indonesia but they do not have any office. Online personal assistant is the solution.

You can even upload a self-introduction video so the service seeker can know you better.

4. Guru.com

On this site, people mostly seek for freelancers at engineering, design, or business. The fee is quite significant. Some project designs can cost up to USD 2500 for one design.

Time management is one of important points if you wish to work as a freelance, and do not forget to open an online money account such as PayPal. Are you interested to work from home?

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