Top 6 Tips Before You Live In That Kos

Choosing a kos can be cheap or expensive, easy or difficult, depending on your comfort level where you can decide to move out, haul your things, again and again. So rather than regretting it, you’d better do some research first.

The following are some things you need to consider in picking a kos.

1. Choose one with sufficient facilities. Each kos offers different facilities. Normally, the basic package provides a bed and a closet. Other facilities may include in the package, an air conditioner, a table and a chair, an internet connection, a television with cable, and a laundry service. Make sure about what you really need because other facilities mean higher charges.

2. Location, Location, Location. Without having your own vehicle, avoid choosing a kos that’s far from your workplace or college. Despite the lower charges of the kos, the expense you pay for transportation could swell. And especially in a densely populated city like Jakarta, even if you have your own vehicle, you may spend hours to get through a distance while it should really be a couple of minutes away. Aside from the location that should be close to your place of activities, it’s also necessary to consider the access to public facilities such as eating places, sports centers, internet cafes, markets or shopping centers, and even malls. Remember the old real estate principle: Location, Location, Location.

3. Safe and peaceful environment. Observe the neighborhood in which the kos sits. Pass up areas that are too crowded and noisy. Pick one that you think is conducive to your safety, work, or studies.

4. Pay attention to the kos regulations. Some kos houses have quite strict regulations. Those are meant to keep the lodgers comfortable. Sometimes, though, some regulations just don’t support your activities, like the curfew, the prohibition to bring an opposite-sex friend into your room, etc.

5. Check out the bathroom. Besides the room condition, have a look at the bathroom. If the bathrooms are outside, make sure that their number is in balance with the number of the rented rooms. Check the sanitation of the toilet and the bath tank, and also the water availability. Tap water and groundwater are different in quality. Groundwater sometimes smells and is not clean.

6. Personality of the landlady or landlord. Know the landlady or landlord of the kos you are about to stay in. It’s quite often lodgers complain not about the facilities, but rather the owner. You can ask the existing lodgers for this matter. Avoid kos owners who seem flirtatious, bad-tempered, or money-oriented. Some kos owners even like to poke their noses into the lodgers’ private lives.

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