Quiz: Are You on the Right Career Path?

The journey of someone's career could start coincidentally or because of years of hard work and dedication. Whichever is the case with you, it is a good idea to check if your career path has developed the way it should be.

Answer these questions with the most relevant facts that are happening in your life right now:

1. Why did you choose your current profession?
A. This is the job that you landed when you graduated from college and it is inline with your education
B. You liked the working environment and the pride you earned from it
C. You have tried everything else and eventually fell in love with your career today

2. At a party, someone asks about your work. What is your reaction?
A. You would laugh and try to avoid talking about work or career
B. You explain the importance of your position in the company
C. You find yourself selling your company's products or services to that person in the end

3. How is your financial situation?
A. My salary is enough to meet daily needs, but I do not have an emergency fund to cover more than two months of my living cost
B. My emergency fund can cover 6-8 months of living cost
C. With my emergency fund, I can survive without any job for a year

4. When given a task beyond your responsibilities in the office, this is what usually happens:
A. You would decline or dodge the responsibility because it is not your job
B. You would ask for an extra reward or remuneration in the future
C. You do it happily because you have been given such trust it has been given such trust

5. In meetings with your team and your boss, how would you rate your contribution to your company?
A. “I see myself as a good listener."
B. “I have given enough contribution by supporting my boss' decisions."
C. “I have always wanted to actively generate new ideas to improve the company."

6. One day, your boss is unable to attend a dinner function to expand the company's network, and asks you to replace him or her. What would you do?
A. Looking for a reason to be able to avoid an event outside the office and suggest your colleague name
B. Go to the event to fill in the guest list, then leave as soon as you can
C. Dress neatly and prepare your name cards so that you can get acquainted with other guests throughout the evening

7. List five activities that you have successfully managed while you were studying or outside office hours, e.g. on a weekend. The conclusion that you can take:
A. Those activities are highly unrelated to what you are doing now
B. Those activities still support your current job
C. Those activities are always related to your current job

8. Do you expect to be promoted in your job?
A. No, because you know that you often work on a side job, and there are other senior staff in your office
B. Yes if that means you will get a huge raise. No if it means you will have more people to supervise and more overtime
C. Of course, even if it means you have to move out of town or overseas

9. When your company offers a training or an education program that suits your current field, you would:
A. Decline this opportunity because it will take the weekends that you frequently use for other activities, such as doing a side job, helping the hobbyist community, etc
B. Take this opportunity to raise your salary
C. Take this opportunity because it would increase your level of competency

10. Do you have a plan to quit your job within the next few years?
A. Yes, I do not want to do this work when I am older
B. Not really, as long as this job could provide great material gains for me
C. No, I was able to build his career until I decide to retire

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