Clever Ways to Benefit from Rp 100,000

For some, a hundred thousand rupiah is not much, and can even be gone in a flash when we are at the mall. However, we want to let you know some financial products that you can get with that amount; something that would give you more benefits in the future.

You can easily get this product without having to fulfill a lot of requirements or taking a long time, even if you have never had any savings or investment before.

Mutual Funds

“The benefit of investing in mutual funds is the fact that we can start with low initial deposit. I choose balanced mutual funds because it is more challenging in term of risk compared to money market mutual funds,” says Fany, 21, a university student who has started investing in mutual funds through Manulife Aset Management Indonesia since last year.

According to her, this type of investment is suitable for rookie investors who do not understand about stocks investing or bonds, because there are investment managers who will manage that pool of funds.

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With as little as Rp 100,000 a month, you can start planning for your financial goals. There are various types of mutual funds that you can choose, such as equity, balanced, fixed income and money market mutual funds.

Slowly but sure, learn more about those products. By the time your salary or income is increasing, make a priority to add your investment, so that you could get more out of it and you are able to spread risk around your investment portfolio.

To buy one of the mutual fund products at Manulife, you will need to fill in the mutual funds application form and attach a copy of your ID card (KTP). After that, you can deposit fund through the bank or transfer it to the account stated on the application form.

BTN Housing Deposit

A common problem faced by many newlywed couples and young people who are wanting to buy their first house is getting the down payment for the house.

BTN offers "Tabungan BTN Perumahan" (BTN Housing Deposit) that allows someone to save regularly with auto-debit system. BTN is a reputable state-owned bank that focuses on mortgage loans.

As a customer, you will not have to pay for administration fee and will receive any information about property locations, real estate listings for sale, et cetera. The customers will also get easier process to apply for mortgage (KPR) through BTN.

To open this account, all you need is your ID card (KTP), a BTN account, and complete the registration form. The initial deposit is Rp 2 million, but after that you can save Rp 100,000 per month.

“If there is no transaction within six months, the account will not be closed, but will be changed into a passive account that can be reactivated anytime,” says Dewi, one of the customer service staff at BTN.

Protection for Ourselves and the People We Left Behind

For people in their productive age, Jiwa Gemilang Insurance from Generali Indonesia gives additional benefit which could cover critical illness and accidental death.

This unit link product has investment value, so if you have spare money, you make a minimum Rp 500,000 top-up outside of the monthly premium to be invested. As one gets older, the sum insured for the person will become smaller because their death risk is generally increased, too.

For example, if someone pays a premium of Rp 100,000 per month and he or she passes away at the age of 39, the sum insured for his or her beneficiary is Rp 50 million. However, if someone ages between 41 and 50 years old, the sum insured is only Rp 20 million.

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