February's Checklist (2016)

1. Prepare a budget for special days

In February, we will have two events that are able to create bond with your family and partner, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. If you are planning of celebrating one or two of these events, prepare a special budget so that you will not spend more money to buy something impulsively for the celebration.

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2. Plan a family vacation

If you are planning for a getaway this year, it’s time to check your vacation fund and create an itinerary for your trip based on the existing budget. This is especially important if you are going to travel with family during the school holiday – between June and July – because the flight tickets and hotel will be more expensive during that peak season. Buying foreign currency in advance would also be good idea if you know are going to travel overseas.

3. Review those subscriptions

Without realizing it, we often subscribe to many things that are not useful anymore. For instance, news or magazine subscriptions, overpriced fitness membership, or mobile apps that you rarely or never use anymore. Reconsider them and stop any memberships that have been abandoned for more than three months.

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