7 Mobile Apps that Generate Money for You

Mobile apps have been booming since early 2010 and now they can be found on every smartphone. Today, the productivity and information provider software can even create some extra money.

Here are 7 apps worth checking out during your spare time:

1. Snapcart

Shopping time now has become more fun with a chance to get cashback, a kind of cash reward where we get an amount of cash to use the next time we go shopping.

Snapcart was launched in 2015 and today it has hundreds of products from various categories. It is quite easy to be eligible for a cashback; you just need to buy the products promoted on Snapcart. Snap the shopping receipt using Snapcart app – make sure the receipt photo is clear and contains information on the shop name and the total amount of purchase. You can upload several photos for a long receipt.

In about a week, the receipt will be validated and your Snapcart balance will increase. You can cash the balance out and transfer the money to your account after reaching a certain minimum amount.

Snapcart is available for download at Google Play Store.

2. Cash Gift

Through this app, you can find new games, videos and other interesting apps. Just follow the instructions, whether to download mobile apps, play games to certain level, or watch commercials or trailers. Once you have collected 1,200 points, you can redeem it with Amazon Gift Card, PayPal Cash or Google Play Store coupon for $1 or more. However, you need to actively use and search for new challenges on this app to get more points.

Compared to similar apps, such as TapCash, Tapporo or Quick Cash, it has neater design and is easier to use. The app also has several features allowing you to collect more points easily, i.e. rating the app on Google Play Store, and logging in to get higher points every day.

Cash Gift is available for download at Google Play Store.

3. App Trailers

Love watching movies and playing games? This app gives you updates on the latest movies or online games, while at the same time allows you to make some extra cash.

You simply need to watch the available trailers on the app. For every video, you will get around 6 points. The accumulated pointes can be redeemed with Starbucks Card, Steam Gift Card, or Amazon Gift Card. Unfortunately, most rewards are only available in the U.S.

AppTrailers is available for download at App Store and Google Play Store.

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