Worth It or Not Worth It Learning a Foreign Language



I am a 28 year-old kindergarten teacher, single, and I earn Rp 7 million per month. I want to join a Mandarin language course so that I can work for a National-Plus School that requires mastery of three languages. Each level of the course would take 6 months, and it would cost me Rp 1.5 million per month. 

My monthly expenses are:

1. Do you have credit card debt and how do you usually pay it?
a. Yes, more than Rp 7 million and I usually pay the minimum amount
b. Yes, less than Rp 2 million and I will pay it next month
c. No credit card debt, I usually pay entire amount by due date

2. How are you planning to pay for this course?
a. I’ll deduct it from my monthly salary
b. I’ll pay the first 3 months with my savings and the rest with my salary
c. I’ll pay it with my savings

3. Do you like your job?
a. I like the long holiday, but it’s just a job for me
b. I do but I might plan to set up my own business in the future
c. Very much, I can’t see myself doing anything other than teaching the kids

If You Score 50 or Less:

You need to evaluate your goal from this course … Is it only for fun or is it really for your self-improvement? We would suggest you to settle your credit card debt first before you deduct your income for another expense. Find out how much you’re really paying if you maintain a minimum, by using LiveOlive’s Credit Card Calculator.

If You Score Above 50-80:

Consider these things before you start withdrawing your savings account to pay the course:
1. Will you still have 6 months of expenditure left in your savings?
2. Do you have spare time to study the course materials? Learning language means practicing conversations, reading and listening as much as you can, so you are probably going to sacrifice a lot of your time.
If the answers for above questions are positive, then you can give it a go.

If You Score Above 80 or More:

This is the perfect time for you to start! The course is going to be another long-term investment for you since you are really committed to develop your teaching skills. Moreover, since China is the second largest economy, more people will speak the language and you might have the opportunity to use your skill for other purposes like being a translator or a local guide.

Just remember…

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