I Want to Get Gel Nail Polish


I am a 27-year-old beautician who takes care of people using my hands every day. Due to my profession, I have been trained to wash my hands before and after seeing each client. This makes it almost impossible for me to have a flawless manicure or colorful nails, because the polish would probably last only for 2 days. I know that there is a new product called gel nail polish –which could last for weeks. I haven’t tried it yet because the manicure would cost me at least Rp 300,000.

1. What do you know about the procedure?
A. It uses special gel polish and UV top coat
B. Gel nail polish is set or cured with ultraviolet light
C. I have to go back to the salon to remove the nail polish

2. How much do you save or invest every month?
A. Whatever left from my spending
B. Less than 10%
C. Often more than 10%

3. Describe your skin condition:
A. I have fair skin and freckles
B. I have some allergies
C. My skin is flawless because I treat it well


If You Score Less Than 50:

It’s always interesting to try a new trend. Do you know what makes this type of manicure more expensive? It is because of all the extra procedures and equipments, such as the UV lamp, the special nail polish remover and the nail foil wraps. So, basically you will need to expose your fingers for about 3 minutes under the UV light –which is essentially sunlight– to dry the nail polish. You may not realize it, but if you do this regularly… it could cause skin cancer. After the treatment, you will need to go back to a salon to remove the nail polish –that is extra cost! Since you haven’t disciplined yourself to save regularly, it is better to use the money to add your savings. You can still have regular manicure –that would cost 75% cheaper– for special occasions.     

If You Score Between 50 and 80:

Maybe you still have spare money after putting aside your income for savings. You would also need to check on your skin condition; were you allergic to something in the past? Some people are allergic to methyl acrylate –which can be found in some gel nail polishes– and acetone –which will be used a lot to remove the gel polish. If you are ready for the side effects, try it once when you have a special occasion. However, if you want to keep your nails healthy, don’t put the polish more than a week.     

If You Score More Than 80:

You know the procedures well and you know when you want to have it. You are free to do it. Have you considered doing it yourself or with your friends at home? This can really save a lot of money. All you need to buy is the gel manicure kit –sometimes it even comes with the LED lamp. In salon, you can’t choose the products you want, e.g. you can’t be sure if they are using the UV light or LED light –the later is a better choice, because it doesn’t cause sunburn. If you still want to try this treatment at a salon, apply an SPF 30 sunscreen on your hands and fingers before they apply the gel nail polish. It is always better to understand every product before directing it to your skin, which is often the most sensitive part of your body.     

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