I Want to Buy a Coffee Maker


I'm a 34 year-old woman who never misses coffee every day. I usually buy 3-4 glasses a day from the nearest coffee shops and spend around Rp 100,000 per day. I'm planning to buy a coffee maker, so that I can make delicious coffee drinks at home and save more.

1. What kind of coffee maker are you going to buy? 
A. I'm still clueless about that
B. I want to buy that brand I often see in infomercial
C. I want to buy an electrical drip brewer 
2. How many people will use the machine?
A. Mostly just me
B. Me and my husband/ siblings
C. Everyone in my family loves coffee
3. Do you have debts?
A. Yes, I have credit card debt and auto loan 
B. I have a mortgage
C. No, I don't 

If You Score Less Than 50:
There are plenty coffee makers out there, from the classic french press, percolator, drip brewer, stove top espresso maker, to the automatic espresso machine. Although you are probably thinking of having a glass of café au lait or latte at home, you need to save up a bit more. For now, cut some of your visits to the coffee shops, pay off that outstanding balance on your credit card, and then you can talk about pampering yourself with this tertiary product.   
If You Score Between 50 & 80:
Maybe you think that you can afford that electrical drip brewer, or even a single serve espresso machine. However, it is best to make a budget estimation to maintain the quality of product. Coffee is not much determined by the maker, but by the coffee beans and milk. That means you will need to buy ground coffee or capsules, filters and milk regularly. If you think the product will also be used by other people, then go for it.          
If You Score More Than 80:  
You spent at least Rp 2 million for coffee each month and you know that it is time to change the habit. You can use that money to buy a mid-range drip brewer or espresso maker, then cut half of your usual spending for coffee by making it your own. If you decide to do that, you may also need to learn and experiment at the beginning. Being a "barista" of your own can be really fun!


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