10 Money Saving Tips for Women

Smart women spend smart. And smart spending is smart living.

The smartest thing a woman can do, however, is to save. Whether it is inherent for you to save or not, smart women do save. Here are 10 tips on how smart women save:

1. Smart women take note of all expenses, big or small

In doing so, you will know how much to spend for certain items. You may not be able to cut the budget for fixed expenditures, but you will see how much you can save by taking note of what you spend.

2. Smart women shop happily

Go shopping when happy rather than to be happy. Studies show if a person shops when sad, depressed or hungry, she will spend more. With a clear mind, your shopping activities will become more effective

3. Quality over quantity

Tempted by low-cost bargains? Remember that saving money doesn’t necessarily mean being stingy. Shoes, clothes, bags, furniture, and gadgets are stuff whose quality you need to carefully consider. It’s okay to spend more as long as you get longer usability from the item and do not have to buy the same thing over and over again.

4. No need to fear credit cards

You can get interesting bonuses and discounts from the smart use of credit cards What is important is that make sure you always pay your monthly bill in full. That way, you will not incur additional interest and charges.

5. Hang out at home

Almost everything you do at home is cheaper. Invite friends and do something together: Film marathon, cooking, playing cards, etc.

6. Drink more

Water is not only beneficial to health. By drinking a big glass of water before a meal, you would digest your food better while spending less for a smaller portion of food. It’s a diet for your body and purse in one fell swoop.

uang kertas Rupiah7. Buy insurance

Insurance is created to save your money! Their premiums amounts to very little compared to what you would otherwise have to pay without insurance coverage.

8. Save at the beginning of the month

Save 10%-30% of your income as soon as you receive your paycheck every month. That way you will not end up spending money for useless things. This savings will benefit you in the future or can be used as an emergency fund when unexpected things happen.

9. Master the “30-day method”

menikmati pensiunWhenever you have the urge to buy things you don’t really need. Go home and write down some facts about the item you want to buy (price and selling place, for example). For the next 30 days, think of whether you really want it. This method is very useful. While considering what you would do, you may start researching similar items at a lower price.

10. Dream of early retirement 

The biggest motivation to control your finance is a plan to retire early. In case your company does not provide pensions or what they provide is not enough, opening an retirement account early will certainly help. 

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