I Want to Buy a Generator


I am a mother of two who works as a freelance writer at home. During the heavy rainy days that sometimes followed by flooding and power outage in some flood-prone areas, my husband and I are thinking if we should buy a generator for our house.


1. Do you know what kind of generator that you need?
A. We haven't done any research on this
B. We will buy the same type that has been used by a relative 
C. Yes, we want a gas-powered generator 

2. How are you going to buy the appliance?
A. We have to use our credit card
B. We will take our emergency fund
C. We will use our extra savings

3. Do you have an emergency fund?
A. No, we don't
B. We have secured around Rp 50 million
C. Yes, our savings is more than Rp 80 million


If You Score Less Than 50:
Having a generator would be a great solution if you are living in an area that has limited access to electricity or often suffered power outage. However, it may not be necessary to have this if your area lost power because of the "annual" flooding. It needs maintenance and energy supply –whether it is from gas or fuel oil – in order to sustain itself. Moreover, it is not cheap. If you are currently still saving up your emergency fund, this is going to put holes in your pocket.   
If You Score Between 50 & 80:
Just because you knew a family that owns a specific generator doesn’t mean the same appliance will be suitable for your needs. Don’t make such large purchase without prior budgeting, especially if you will end up using your emergency fund. Besides the initial cost to buy and install the backup power, you will also need to add maintenance cost.  
If You Score More Than 80:

You have enough savings to buy this appliance, so choose wisely before you decide on anything. Find out how many electronics in the house that you can sustain with this generator and, if possible, find a second-hand item that will not cost you fortune to buy.

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