Home Renovation That Can Increase Your Property Value

For people who do not want to go through the hassle of dealing with contractors, waiting for the house to be built, and potentially going over the budget, purchasing a developer-constructed house is a good option. You can already see what you are getting –developers often have show units– and the amount is already fixed.

There are also pitfalls, however.

Nunung, 29, immediately renovated the developer constructed house she bought in Depok Baru because It wasn't customized to her needs and was going to cost a lot of money to maintain and take care of.

Independent interior designer Iqra Firdausy and owner of Jakarta Vintage Lutfi Hasan shared tips on home renovation that would save you money on upkeep. First of all, Iqra suggested that before doing any renovations, one should make a master plan so that the ultimate goal of the renovation becomes clear.

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