How to Get an Elegant Wedding for Under Rp 50 Million

There were times when you feel unease when somebody asked you, “When are you getting married?”. However, when the big day is finally in front of you, you actually face another problem; figuring out how to get your dream wedding without breaking the bank. But, did you know that Rp 50 million is actually enough for a lovely wedding?

According to Lia Ng, an owner of a wedding planning company, Rp 50 million is enough for a wedding. Sadly, it is often a different story for couples who want a memorable luxury wedding. In addition, Eastern culture gives parents big roles in making decisions for their children's wedding and this is partly because they want to be acknowledged by their relatives and friends. As a result, many weddings lost the core meaning and turned into a "stage display".

Such condition is one of the biggest challenges for an engaged couple. If your big day is coming up, you might need to ask yourself, "Do I really need a big wedding that would only happen in one day?". Also, "Can I really afford it?"

Remember, there will be a lot of things to deal with, as soon as the wedding party is over. It would be wise not to use your emergency fund and keep your wedding within limited budget. Try these following tips:

1. Save more from wedding venue

pernikahan_elegan_rumah_maroko“For a small amount of budget, it would be beneficial to choose a wedding venue that comes with a wedding package which includes catering, entertainment and the wedding cake,” Lia suggested. There are several unique residences in Jakarta that are often used as party venues, such as Rumah Plataran or Rumah Maroko. There are also wedding packages from restaurants like Pastis Kitchen & Bar in Kuningan or Omah Sendok in Senopati, South Jakarta.

The cost to rent the space will save a lot of budget. These houses are already furnished with elegant and pretty decors, so you won’t need to spend more money for excessive decoration. If possible, choose a package with flower decoration included. As for arranging a wedding in restaurants, the cost will be based on the number of guests that you would invite, and you will not have to pay additional fee for the venue.

Estimated cost for wedding venue: Rp 10 million to Rp 25 million.

2. Get more from bridal package

Nowadays, many bridal shops have become the ultimate one-stop wedding service, as you can find anything you need for the wedding day in one package. Luckily, there is a good chance for you to find various packages in affordable prices.

“You can find a wedding package from a bridal store that includes the wedding gown for the bride and wedding suits for the groom, gowns for the mothers and bridesmaids for only Rp 12.5 million,” Lia said. According to her, this package would be cheaper and less time-consuming than buying a new wedding gown or designing a new one. “There are many bridal stores which include make-up service, wedding car rental and photography service,” she added. By the way, no need to panic if you can’t find a wedding car to rent. Why not borrow or rent from a friend or use your family’s old classic car? The vintage car would surely look good in the pictures.

Estimated cost for bridal gown, bridesmaids gown, mothers gown, make-up and photography service: Rp 12.5 million to Rp 25 million.

3. Converting to digital

Invitations and souvenirs are small but cannot be eliminated from the cost. For hundreds of guests, these two items could take a big portion of your budget. Yet, we know that most of these souvenirs and invitations will go straight into the dust bin.

Sending out digital invitations could save you more money. There are many software available for free to help you create an interesting wedding invitation design. After that, you can send the invitations through emails or by making use of event planning sites, e.g. wedivite, evite and many more.

For wedding souvenirs, choose a memorable item that the guests would like to keep for a long time. For example, it could be their photos at your wedding. Nowadays, photo booth service is a growing business. The greater competition simply means more variation and packages to choose from.

Estimated cost for wedding invitations and souvenirs: Rp 2 million to Rp 5 million.

4. Let your friends give their helping hands at the wedding!

tips hemat biaya pernikahanIf you want to have something memorable for your wedding, keep the event warm and fun. Gather some of your friends and colleagues to help out during the D-day so that they would work on the wedding rundown. This would make your friends feel more involved and they surely will not leave the party in a rush. This way, you don’t need to spend a lot of money for MC, wedding band and singer.

Estimated cost for MC and entertainment: Rp 1 million to Rp 5 million

Lia assured that Rp 50 million is possible if you are willing to change your paradigm, by having a more exclusive wedding, which means inviting less people. What do you think?

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