What's The Worth Of Your Social Media Skills?

Tips on Making Money through Social Networks

Have you seen  Republik Twitter? The Indonesian film that was a hit in early 2012 shows how Twitter maniacs can make money by working as buzzers (a term for online publicists). In fact, there are a range of online jobs that you can rely on as long-term professions, such as social media marketing manager, social media specialist, social media strategist, online community manager, and content specialist.

Many virtual consulting companies have long emerged in developed countries. In Indonesia, however, this field of profession has only been actively operating for three years now. So, how much do people earn? The United States Bureau of Labor states that a social media specialist may make 51,280 USD a year or more that Rp 400 million!

Interested? Get the most out of your networking skills with these following tips:

1. If you don’t know it, you can’t love it. This old Indonesian saying applies, too, for online marketing strategy. Know the character of your audience. Pay attention to their profiles and status updates on Facebook and Twitter. Among the categories you should observe are age, income, social class, lifestyle, level of education, religion, and places they visit. These categories help you get a picture of who they are, their habits, and their needs.

2. Build conversations. What does the word ‘social’ in ‘social media’ mean? Success in social media is social interaction. Create conversations by asking a question or telling a story. Avoid hard selling. Answering the questions of your readers and providing solutions to their problems would be more effective than offering products like those classified ads in the newspapers. Respond to your friend’s status on Facebook and Twitter, comment on photos on Pinterest, blogs, videos, and join online communities on Kaskus and LinkedIn.

3. Content is King. All media rely on its content, and social media is no different. Create content that are inspiring, informative, and share-able that it can go viral. Write regularly and consistently so that readers will see your discipline and know what to expect. Follow the rule: 80% useful contents, 20% self-promotion. Don’t forget to link your web with all social-network accounts you have.

4. Real photo and bio. Most social media users pass up pseudonym accounts. For this reason, you should always try to use your real name and photo, or a brand name for every account you have. Avoid overstating titles, either real or made-up, such as guru or master. People don’t like show-offs.

5. Pay it Forward. Social media is a useful way to promote your brand, especially if you promote other people’s brand as well. Sharing other people's articles and products is effective to make your brand known without you promoting them explicitly. Like in the offline world, you can be interesting by being interested.

6. Love Social Media. The ultimate key to online marketing is you have to have fun with social media. If you’re frustrated, all your strategies will be messed up and you will hate what you’re doing. In the long run, you will feel like you have wasted your time. So, make sure in the beginning that you intend to use social media as a means to work and to enjoy this new job of yours.

  TIME IS GOLD. We all know this old adage, so remember that if you're spending so much time and you're not making money off the internet, you can be sure that somebody else is making money off you.

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