Quiz: What Shoe Brand Are You?

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” said Marilyn Monroe. True that – we haven't yet met a woman who disliked a pair of beautiful shoes.

In this fun quiz you will find confirmation on your money personality and habits, as reflected in your shoe of choice. It is time to loosen up and see if the shoe fits!

1. Someone is talking about the latest fashion trend you simply must buy, but you have limited budget. You...
A. Just use your credit card. Guess what, they have promotions!
B. Think about being part of the trend with what you already have in your closet
C. Are not interested unless it is your favorite brand
D. Stick to your classic skinny jeans and dress

2. Describe your daily activities.
A. I need more than 30 minutes to style my hair
B. I wake up to my multiple alarms every day
C. I do not usually work inside a cubicle
D. My to-do list keeps me on track of tasks

3. What would you have in mind when you want to buy fashion items?
A. What color should I get today?
B. Comfort is king
C. What would look better with my tattoo?
D. Does it go with what I already have?

4. How often do you shop for fashion?
A. When my closet starts to look boring
B. Whenever I have extra cash or see discounts
C. Whenever I need it
D. After a major wardrobe malfunction

5. How often do you break your money rule, i.e. go beyond your budget?
A. When I see good stuff on fashion magazines
B. Depends on the sale season and promotions available
C. When the latest product that I want is being launched
D. Not often, because I’m happy with what I have

6. If given Rp 25 million to travel abroad, where would you go?
A. Paris fashion week, of course! Spend as little as possible on air fare so that I can do some major shopping
B. Somewhere familiar, Singapore or Bangkok, and bring family and friends along
C. A place where I can do outdoor activities, e.g. trekking in New Zealand or Nepal
D. Tour Europe with a fixed itinerary – might as well see a few countries while I'm there

7. When it comes to business and career, you...
A. Take things as they come. If a better offer comes along, you may consider it
B. Work with what you have, the important thing is that we all get along
C. Try harder than everyone else and grab every opportunity that comes your way
D. Have a plan and stick to it, no matter what other opportunities come along


Count how many of each letter you have chosen!

A: ____

B: ____

C: ____

D: ____

The letter with the largest number reveals your type of shoes and personalities. 

Most Answers Are A

You are Charles & Keith

Being stylish and feminine is your mantra. You are cultivating your love for fashion and are just starting to build your wardrobe so after buying that red bag, you simply must have a pair of red shoes too! The good thing is that you know how to adjust your spending with your budget. However, your focus on quantity and value for money may require you to sacrifice your own personal comfort and style. So, why not focus on things that you really like? As they say, less is more. 

Most Answers Are B

You are Crocs

You are about comfort as well and things being in harmony. You want to please others and as a result, may spend money on treating family and friends, even if you cannot really afford it. Try to put your credit cards away at the end of the month and have a special budget for your "treats" so that it will not hurt your cash flow.

Most Answers Are C

You are Nike

You feel confident when you are active and fit. You need to look good and live up to your high expectations, therefore you will work-out harder and eat more carefully than most people at the gym. This is also evident in how you are at your workplace and with your friends. You are serious in everything you do and will not let any challenges defeat you. In terms of fashion, you have a limited selection of high quality items – sometimes you will pre-order or hunt for an item that you really want. Rewards work well for you, so treat yourself every time you achieve a goal, e.g. getting that emergency fund to the right amount or paying off that debt.

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