How to Figure Out Whether He is Your True Love

True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but it does not mean that we should not be careful when choosing a partner.

Check out these points that can help you decide whether he is “the one”:

You have the same purpose and goal

Angie is a designer who got married in 2009. She and her husband agreed that their goal is to have a simple and stable life. “We want our career and family life to be balanced,” says Angie. From that point, they can develop bigger dreams together and that adds spark to their marriage life.

“We are planning to have a house in the city and a farmhouse in the suburb,” says Angie. Since they agree on this overall goal, it becomes easy to plan their life and finances.

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Not having any purpose or goal as a couple causes married life to be full of quarrels and small disagreements. Long term targets give you and your partner a reason to keep moving forward, despite minor differences of opinion.

However, keep in mind that not all couples can agree on everything. “We do have the same vision and point of view, but it is not 100%, because there is no such thing as perfection,” Angie says.

You Can Open Up to Each Other

Honest relationship“A soul mate is someone with whom we can talk to about anything without feeling worried,” says Sonya, a housewife.

Relationships that are built on honest communication are a lot stronger. Opening up to your partner makes him feel secure about himself and the relationship.

Being open about sensitive topics like finances, income, behavior, and lifestyle are also necessary. “Each person is different in terms of their openness about money. I can see he is not stingy but not too extravagant either. I can also see how he provides for his family to show his responsibility,” says Sonya about his husband.

”He is open about big expenses and also asks about my opinion, although he spends his own money,” says the lady who has been married for more than 10 years.

Couples will certainly face some problems, such as having different tastes and habits. For example, you may want a different type of house and car, or are used to a different payment method – installment or cash. Sonya says, “If you are both open to listening to the pros and cons of your partner’s opinion and keep a check on your ego, it will never be a problem, right?”

You are comfortable being yourself

“He was perfect and I really thought I was going to end up with him,” says Astrid who likes to write book reviews on her blog. However, she soon realized that if she wanted to stay in a relationship with her now ex-boyfriend, she had to keep impressing him. Unfortunately, that meant that Astrid had to be someone else to gain his approval.

Luckily, Astrid made the tough decision to break up with him. She subsequently met the man who has now become her husband of 8 years.

“He supports me to follow my passion,” says Astrid. “I think it is impossible to be with someone who is not supportive about this.”

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He motivates you to be a better person

Do not misunderstand “being yourself” as an excuse to stop being a better you. They are different things!

Astrid is open about the fact that she cannot cook, and she never try to conceal her weakness. But, it does not mean that she refuses to try. It is the same thing with managing her finances.

“My husband and I are not good at saving and investing, but luckily, we learn together and now we understand about it better,” says Astrid. With the right person, you certainly want to learn some things that would improve your quality of life.

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