5 Value-for-Money Holiday Tips

Many of us in Indonesia will enjoy a long holiday during Idul Fitri, whether it is because we are traveling back home ( mudik) or just need to be away from home while there is no help around the house.

So, while you are eager to prepare itinerary and plans, we have some tips to save more money while on a holiday:

1. Budget on daily expenses

Budgeting is something that we will keep on reminding you to do, because traveling without it is a recipe for disaster. At the end of your holiday, you might have broken your bank, maxed out your credit cards, or bought too much oleh-oleh (souvenirs).

Setting a limit for your trip is a good way to start planning for your itinerary. If you want to be more frugal, set a daily expense limit throughout the entire trip. For example, if you have booked flight tickets to Bali for the next lebaran holiday, ask those who are traveling with you about their expectations and limit the expense per day. It is better to set the bar low at the beginning than to be surprised or feel unease about eating out in a fancy restaurant every day or paying for an expensive daily car rental.

2. Find discounts, freebies and other promotion

Avoid stress by completing your booking weeks before the holiday. Generally, the best time to book travel during high-traffic holidays is between three weeks and three months. Midweek also offers cheaper price for anything – airfare, hotel, movie ticket, amusement park, and so on – compared to the weekend.

We know people who like to wait for the last-minute deals on flight tickets, accommodation, etc. If you want to do that, make sure you have a plan B if the price is not going down as much as you expected, e.g. you might need to fly out on the day of the holiday.

If you have credit cards and airline loyalty memberships, redeem your reward points for travel and check if your credit cards offer discount and installment at 0% interest for travel-related items. 

3. Pack less stuff

From your previous trips, you might notice that you actually need less stuff than you think do – especially if you are going home. Traveling light will not only allow you to have more baggage when you are back, but also reduce the baggage fee when you are traveling with a budget airline. 

More than that, if you keep your packing small, you will be able to commute easily with public transportation – it is much cheaper than taking a taxi.

4. Eat like a local

During the holiday, food would absorb a big portion of our budget. The best way to save on food is to eat like a local wherever we are. It is better to avoid “tourist trap” restaurants, e.g. like the ones suggested by a car rental driver. You can always rely on apps like Foursquare to find the nearest eating place or convenience store.

If you are traveling with family, the best way to save money is by bringing your own food and snacks. Consider to buy food at local groceries to make your own meals.

5. Stay at a house, not hotel

While staying at a hotel is easy and comfortable, it would also restrain you from doing daily activities, such as reheating your meals, doing your laundry, etc. 

There are other options that you can explore out there, e.g. staying at a friend’s villa, renting an apartment from Airbnb, Wimdu, or staying at a hostel that provides quadruple beds along with facilities like laundry room, kitchen, and common area. Oftentimes they have a game room and vending machines, too. If you are staying for long-term, this trick can save you a lot on those small items.

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