Habits of Successful Small Business Entrepreneurs

Success does not come by accident or luck. It is the result of repeated positive actions and behaviors, which do not happen overnight!

These small business entrepreneurs may have started small, but they are now at the top of their field because of these habits that they generously shared with us.

Manage schedules and to do lists

For Antonny Liem, CEO of MCM Group and of Merah Putih Inc., this is a daily habit.

“Since I have to supervise multiple companies, I really stick to the plan. For managing my schedules, I rely on Sunrise Calendar app and for managing my to do list I use Wunderlist because it can connect to all devices. Even though I have a PA, I prefer to do things by myself for efficiency.”

Not keen on mobile apps? Nilam, 32, owner of Kebab Turki Baba Rafi & co-owner of Voila! 360’ Communication Agency makes it a point to write down her daily schedule and to do list.

Whatever the method, planning is the key!

Have a back up plan

Even the most well-planned projects will have roadblocks – supplier does not deliver on time as promised or a task takes longer than usual. This should not be a reason for panic or for work on a project to stop or slow down.

“Sometimes when things doesn’t go as planned, I need to think quickly to plan B, or delegate some tasks,” says Nilam, an energetic mother of three children.

Exercise well

Regular physical activity can help to reduce stress and improve energy levels.

“For three years now, I have been exercising regularly and can feel its benefits. Having a fit body not only helps lift my spirit and energy, but it also makes me sleep better.I go to the gym (weightlifting and cardiovascular) and do yoga (lyengar),” says Antonny, who also makes time to pray in between his busy schedules everyday.

Read... a lot

Research has shown that reading keeps leaders smart, creative and social.

Antonny adds, “Reading has not only been my habit since I was a kid, it is also one of requirements for us in the creative technology industry. I always start my morning by reading the newspaper – yes, printed newspaper, followed by reading Kurio news app on my way to office, to keep up with current news. I also like to read books, both fiction or non fiction.”

Have quality time for yourself and loved ones

Try to have ‘me-time’ every single day. Antonny defines ‘me-time’ as “doing something by myself that I really enjoy such as playing games as stress release.”

He also believes in a balanced life and always reminds himself that he does all these for family.

“I try to go home not too late so I can have dinner together with family – even though it’s not always possible – or spend a few moments talking with my wife and children, be it jointly or individually. We connect and it also soothes me. If I need to work, I usually do it in my home office after they all sleep,” he explains.

Avoid "noise"

Another way to put this is to have focus and not get distracted by issues that are not core to getting to your goal as an organization.

Hadi Wenas, CEO of MatahariMall.com and former CEO of aCommerce Indonesia, has perfected this.

"I don’t pick up random and unknown calls. Random meeting or call requests outside core business are done before 9 am or after 8 pm,” he emphasizes.

The guy who also co-founded Zalora Indonesia adds, “I could be blatantly selectively ignorant. I ignore almost all cold calls on weekdays and weekends, no specific objectives means no meeting or call.”

Hadi also has a standing table in his office, to encourage faster meetings, hence, faster decision making.

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