How to Start a Business by Opening Kiosk in Jakarta

Kiosks are a good way to start a business whether it be selling goods or food. Kiosks allow you to test different locations without having to commit to a fixed premise or shop.

With so many kiosks in Jakarta, you need to consider a few things to ensure the success of your business.

Rent vs. Buy a Kiosk

Initially, you may want to rent a kiosk and rentals can be as short as one month to several years. We strongly suggest that you go for a short-term rental, if you are not yet sure that the location is right for your target market.

Alternatively, you can also 'share a kiosk' with another seller of a non-competing merchandise or business. This not only saves you costs, but gives you flexibility in case prime kiosk locations do not allow very short term rental.

Choosing a Location

Kiosks can be located near housing areas or offices and choosing the right location is critical.

"ITC Kuningan is located in the golden triangle (business district), so it is strategic for opening a business," says Margie, 36, who sells, buys, and services cellphones inside the location.

For Adinda’s family, the Food Court Passer Koeningan, located on the first floor of Pasar Festival, was the ideal location.

"The location is strategic, near to the office, so many people have lunch here. Those are our initial consideration when we start our business here, "says Adinda, 21, who started the business around June 2015.

Define Target Market

When determining the location, you also need to consider who your target market is. For example, if you want to start a culinary business for office employees or families, Pasar Festival is a good choice because it is near offices as well as apartments like Taman Rasuna Kuningan.

If your target market is young people, locations such Pasar Santa might be an option, because of its popularity among hipsters or those under 32 years old.

"On weekdays, visitors who come to Pasar Santa tend to be young. However, on Sunday many families come also," says Ifad who has been selling snacks in Pasar Santa for a year.

For selling gadgets, ITC Kuningan is a great place to start because it is crowded, especially during paydays.

What about the clothing business? You can try Tanah Abang at Central Jakarta, and Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua in North Jakarta.

"I'm here because we are looking for wholesale buyer who will sell again their products. But it is okay if you want to buy in pieces," says Jeje, one of the kiosk renters at Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua.

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