Easy Ways to Save with Auto Debit (It Only Takes a Few Minutes!)

Let’s be honest, there must be times when it is hard for us to save some money. Have you ever tried to save some money but you end up spending that money?

To avoid that, you can set up automatic debit from your savings. Here are some ways to help you save regularly.

Inter-bank scheduled remittance

One of the easiest ways to save is to separate your regular payroll account from your savings account. To make sure that you save up regularly, you can use a scheduled remittance feature that will automatically transfer the fund from your payroll account to your savings account.

Bank Central Asia (BCA) is one of many banks that has this feature. By doing this, you do not even need to visit the bank branch to deposit your money, because you can set up the amount that you want to transfer, the time period, and the cut-off date of the remittance.

According to Ifa, 21, this saving method is more convenient than visiting a bank teller, but less effective if you do not have self-discipline. To strengthen your will in saving money, you can ask your bank to not give you an ATM card, or you can just leave the card permanently at home.

To activate the automatic transfer system through BCA Internet Banking, do these following steps:

1. Log on to klikbca.com and enter your user ID and Internet Banking PIN.

2. Choose "Transfer Dana" (remittance) option from the left sidebar menu.

3. You need to register the beneficiary’s account by clicking "Daftar Rekening Tujuan" (register a new beneficiary account) on the menu.

4. After that, you can choose a beneficiary’s account from that list. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer, a note, and proceed with your KeyBCA.

5. To activate an automatic transfer, scroll down until you see “Jenis Transfer” (type of transfer) and choose “Transfer Berkala” (scheduled remittance). For a monthly automatic transfer, you can choose “Setiap Tanggal” (Transfer date ___) and fill in your desired date. You can also choose scheduled transfer based on a certain period (“Setiap”), e.g. every 30 days. Do not forget to fill the end date. If you want to do regular remittance until next year, fill in “Tanggal Berakhir” (end date) accordingly.

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