December's Checklist (2015)

1. Check your insurance plan

Your insurance plan need to be adjusted with your current life stage. Try remember the last time you are calculating your needs and reevaluating your family insurance policies. If you are still fully depending on life insurance and health insurance from your company, you are still at risk of spending a lot of money if the unexpected things happen. There is no harm in finding out more information about some insurance products that are available in the market.

2. Connect with family

Year-end is the right time to gather with your loved ones. Therefore, spare enough time to be with your big family and do useful things that do not require expensive travel or activities. Doing light activities such as playing board games, pictionary, or monopoly can lift everyone's mood and spark conversations to create bond with your family.

3. Compile bank statements

In December, we will have the opportunity to make some arrangements and get rid of old things that are no longer needed. However, before you do that, make sure you have stored important documents in your archive, including your bank statement in December. This will be very useful when you file tax report and calculate your net worth next year.

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