​4 Ways to Turn Your Space into a Business

You may be among the lucky ones who have already own a house. This means you no longer need to think about rent or mortgage (KPR) every month.

The house might be an inheritance from your parents, a gift from the in-laws, or perhaps from your own sweat and blood since years ago. If you still have an unused garage, an entire vacant floor or several empty rooms at home, you might as well make use of the space to start a home business – just like what these people did:

1. Boarding House (Kost)

Thinking that she might not be able to work forever, Laksminingrat wanted to start a business that could generate passive income for her and her husband in the old age. She saw huge potential in her house as it was located close to a university, where a lot of students will look for a place to stay.

“Living close to STAN (State College of Accountancy) is very beneficial, because it attracts many students from out of town,” says the 50-year-old woman.

She did a bit of renovation, especially to add more bedrooms in the house – along with ensuite shower rooms. She also took into consideration other essentials for a college student, such as internet connection and basic electronic equipment.

“The total amount spent to start this business is around Rp 70 million,” she explains. Afterwards, she still needs to hire a household assistant and do regular maintenance, e.g. fixing the doors, showers and faucets.

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To determine a price point, Laksmi did a small survey by visiting several boarding houses located nearby. She provides several rooms with ensuite showers because she knows it would significantly increase the price.

“The rent price for a bedroom with ensuite shower is Rp 1 million, while the ones with separate ensuite showers are priced Rp 800,000,” she says.

2. Laundry by the Kilo

Despite the growth of economy, clean attire is still a primary need for everyone. For some us, not only is it hard to decide which clothes to wear, it is also hard to find time to regularly do the laundry.

This was especially true for Apique during her study at a campus in Depok, West Java. Living away from home and having a busy schedule everyday had forced Apique and her friends to go all the way to Depok, every other day, just to do their laundry. A friend said tongue-in-cheek about setting up a laundry service, and she finally decided to have “Apique Laundry” –something that she started 8 years ago and has expanded into 13 branches around Jakarta.

Although this home business can easily be done at home, Apique rented a small shophouse at Rp 6 million a year, for which she bargained to be allowed to pay monthly. The total amount she spent for washing machine, dryer, iron, laundry equipment, rent and minor renovation was around Rp 15 million in 2008.

“Usually the types of clothes sent to a laundry by the kilo are day-to-day clothing. It is more economical and affordable if you compare it with laundry by the piece or an exclusive dry cleaning service,” she explains.

According to Apique, laundry by the kilo has helped busy people who do not have a household assistant, and it is the kind of home business that is not unaffected by weather or crisis.

Even if you only have small, limited space, like a house garage, you can still operate this business.

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