Internet Plan: Comparison of Simpati, Xl, Smartfren, IM3

Internet Plan for Home

Choosing home internet plan also needs a bit of consideration. For those who are out a lot, Wi-Fi modem can be a feasible choice – even more so if you live in a strategic area that is not covered by high buildings or on high level. However, if other family members need an internet connection, it is better to opt for cable internet.

“Cable internet is usually more stable, faster and offers unlimited data,” says Royce.

Today there are many cable internet plan providers offer the service along with TV cable. It depends on how much spare time you can spend on watching TV as there are dozens and even hundreds of channels to choose from!

Price Comparison of Internet Plan + Cable TV for Home (First Media, Indihome, Biznet & MNC Play Media)*

Comparison of internet bundling plan

Each provider has its own strength:

  • Indihome is from PT. Telkom Indonesia replacing Telkom Speedy, and so it is safe to say that it has the widest range among the providers
  • Biznet offers internet quota bonus through Biznet Wi-Fi or hotspot usually available at Starbucks, 7-Eleven and malls
  • Indihome provides plans inclusive of 1,000-minute Telkom number call and free hotspot access through Indonesia Wifi (
  • First Media X1 has Catch Up TV and Video Recorder facilities through First Media Smart Box HD, allowing you to watch or record any TV shows you want anytime as well as running the Android app on your TV
  • MNC Play Media cable TV allows viewers to pause, rewind and play as well as playing TV on Demand (TVoD)

With choices this extensive, it is easier for you to decide on a budget to pay for your internet plan each month. Do not forget to contact the providers to check on the service prices and area reach. Happy browsing!

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*All prices are correct when this article was written and are subject to change without prior notice.

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