5 Healthy Budget Meals for Lazy Students and Young Execs

It is called breakfast for a reason, breaking the fast that your body is in from the night before. Out of all the meals we have in a day, breakfast has got to be the most important meals out of the three.  Why? Because food is the fuel we need for our body to make sure we can make it through the day without tripping over or experiencing irritable moods.  So try to remember those cranky days, maybe it was because you had skipped breakfast.

Nowadays, especially for students and young executives, there isn’t any time in the morning to sit patiently on the table to enjoy a happy breakfast. Students and young executives want something easy to grab, filling, and of course healthy.

Jakarta is filled with so many “gorengan” (fried meals) that are in almost every corner and quite unhealthy, but if you acquire the necessary discipline (the same discipline to start budgeting your money), you can still have a good-to-go healthy meal.

Here are some quick and easy breakfast meals for students on the go:

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