Working as an Uber Driver: Costs and Revenues

What Does It Takes to be an Uber Driver?

One has to complete several requirements upon registering as an Uber driver, i.e. drivers’ license, ID card (KTP), tax registry card (NPWP), and Police Clearance Report (SKCK). After that, driver will receive training to get familiarized with the Uber mobile app.

“The app will be activated within 2-3 working days, then you can start taking orders,” says Iwan.

Other Things You Need to Consider

At the moment, most of the Uber drivers and users feel safe in using the app, because the company has targeted credit card users as their customers and the app enables passengers to share their ride information to anyone else via text messages or messenger apps.

However, the service will expand further after the company added the option of cash payments in Indonesia. With the increasing market demand and competition from similar mobile apps, Uber might try to increase the number of drivers and cut some standards that were previously applied, e.g. eliminating training for new drivers.

If you are thinking about being an Uber driver, take time to consider some of these things:

  • You are familiar with the majority roads in your city, e.g. if you live in Bogor but want to take passengers in Jakarta, make sure you are not disoriented or at least be ready with a GPS device to help you navigate
  • If it is possible, avoid using your favorite car as an operational vehicle for Uber. Although there is little possibility, you would not want the car to get dirty or ruined by strangers, wouldn’t you?
  • Make sure that your next of kin or loved ones know your whereabouts when you are out on the road picking passengers, especially at night
  • Do not let anyone else drives your car without having their complete information, in order to avoid unwanted misuse in the future
  • You cannot expect tips from passengers, because Uber simply does not recommend it. Uber drivers need to be creative if they want to get higher ratings from their passengers. For example, by opening the doors, providing drinking water, tissue box or candies. You can, however, put a tip box between you and the passengers to let them know that you appreciate their tips
  • You will not be able to know your passenger’s destination when receiving the order. This means you can end up driving dozens of kilometers and spending several hours on the road
  • Uber is considered as a hot startup today. However, its existence is yet to be proven; unlike the other local taxi companies which have been around for many years. Therefore you need to monitor its development and be proactive in supporting, criticizing and improving its service. If after 3 months, you find yourself still not adapting well to its systems, this job is probably not for you. Do not worry, there are many small business alternatives that you can do.

Many have decided to become a full-time driver for Uber, and even more so with the slowdown of economy this year. As an Uber driver, you can manage your own working hours and meet unique different people depending on your pick-up areas. Some drivers are even making use this opportunity to distribute flyers or introduce other products or services they provide.

There is no harm in trying, right?

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