10 Reasons Not to Celebrate Valentine's Day This Year

Walking across a premium chocolate store at GI mall, Central Jakarta, two attendants are looking busy wrapping several heart-shaped gift packages using red ribbons. This is their busiest week of the year, when the Valentine’s Day arrives.

Those of you who are currently in a relationship have probably prepared a cute dress and scheduled a hair-do appointment with the salon to look your best on this lovey-dovey day. Meanwhile, those who are still single would probably have a bigger reason to stay at home and eat up a pint of ice cream.

With all due respect to those celebrating the occasion, here are several reasons why we think you should not celebrate Valentine:

1. Valentine’s Day Celebration Could Make You Feel Less Special

All (or most) women have had their share of experience with these; a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolate followed by a love poem. Those who are newly in a relationship are usually showered with a bunch of romantic words, while those who have been dating or married for years are getting a formal greeting.

Why are we still looking forward to this day and preparing to receive a predictable gesture every year?

When you and your special one have made a habit out of Valentine’s Day, be prepared to get heartache if one day your partner forget the importance of February the 14th.

From department stores, online stores to mobile apps such as HaloDiana are suddenly selling chocolate and flowers! When you follow the mainstream and spend hundreds of thousands just to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can somehow feel less special realizing that actually “everyone else is doing the same.” However, when you and your partner are already used to celebrating the romantic day and suddenly stop doing it, you would feel there is something wrong with your relationship.

The truth is, unless the special occasion is your birthday or your wedding anniversary, February the 14th should not mean anything to either of you – even more so if the so-called “most romantic day in the world” would give unnecessary pressure on your relationship.

“I once asked my wife if she’d like to celebrate Valentine’s Day and she strictly said no. In some countries, women sometimes hide themselves on Valentine’s Day, because they just can’t handle the pressure from their surroundings,” says Rai, a nomad guy who has been married to a Japanese woman for two years.

So today, when the topic of Valentine arises among you and your partner, try explaining to him that you do not need him to make you feel special just for the day.

2. Valentine’s Day Celebration Probably Means Your Relationship is Fragile

At the beginning of a relationship, it is natural that you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day together, because it is like a new experience. Later, when the relationship is maturing, you both have created even more new experience that are much more memorable than a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Believe it, unless your partner is proposing to you on that day, there is a small chance that the both of you would remember your Valentine’s Day number so and so. The thing you will remember most is the awkward feeling of being in a restaurant where a pair of pre-fixed menu is sold at a special price and you are eating it along with dozens other couples – who actually also feel as awkward as you!

When you long for some kind of a proof of attention such as a Valentine’s Day celebration, you need to ask yourself if your relationship is at a fragile state. Instead of taking a part in a commercial event like this, it is better to talk about the things that worry you or make you uncomfortable with your partner.

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3. Valentine’s Day Celebration Might Show that Your Partner is Stingy

You don’t believe it? Despite receiving a flower bouquet, chocolate box and a Valentine’s gift from your partner, it is time to get real; when did the last time he gave you a surprise or gift even if there is no special occasion? If you find it hard to remember, it is possible that, for him, the Valentine’s Day celebration is a way for him to level the ground with you.

Other than that, you can clearly see the types of chocolate and flowers he gives you. Without even realizing it, you are estimating the prices in your mind! Is it SilverQueen or Ferrero Rocher chocolates? Men are practical beings, so it is highly likely that he would just buy chocolates from a certain brand – along with ready-made flower bouquet – especially now there is a delivery service like Go-Mart that could save a lot of time.

Save yourself from unnecessary preconceived thoughts and troubles by not celebrating Valentine’s Day.

4. Valentine’s Day Celebration Provokes Unhealthy Competition in a Relationship

“When you receive something, there is this uneasy feeling if you are not being able to return the gift,” says Rai.

You surely have felt this at one time or another, right? For example, when a neighbor gives you holiday hampers, you will make sure that your family can also send something similar in value to that neighbor on the next holiday.

When a relationship has a “loss-profit” calculation, you are not having a love relationship, but more like doing a business trade.

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5. Chocolate Makes You Gain Weight

When your partner gives you chocolate, would you eat it all by yourself or share it with other people? The answer will likely be the former.

You should realize that Valentine’s Day and chocolates are somewhat parts of marketing conspiracy to boost sales in February – a dry month between several New Year celebrations and Mother’s Day. In other words, during the second month of the year you are likely still saving up after splurging on Christmas and New Year’s holidays so that there really is not enough reason for you to spend lavishly … unless it is for Valentine’s Day.

Whenever you feel the urge to ask your partner to reach deeper into his pocket for this one occasion, remember that your weight scale will be badly affected.

6. Making Reservation on Valentine’s Day is Troublesome

Valentine’s Day celebration is the sole reason for the crowded restaurants every February 14 th.

Forget about entering a restaurant without reservation, since it usually means you would queue for several hours or get the worst table at the restaurant – despite paying for the same overpriced menu like the other customers.

If you and your partner really want to enjoy a nice dinner, it is better to make a reservation far in advance … or just stay home to enjoy a romantic dinner just the two of you. The one benefit of this special day is that companies tend to be more lenient when their employees ask to go earlier to celebrate this special occasion with their partners. You have to take benefit of this perk, even if you still do not have a date!

7. Valentine’s Day Celebration Increases Price Tags on Your Favorite Things

Chocolate, flower, doll – the three things most women would like. No matter how old you are, you just cannot turn to hate those comforting things.

On Valentine’s Day, demand for these items would hike and it will automatically increase their prices. Even if you do not celebrate Valentine’s Day and only mean to buy some flowers to decorate your house, the flower price near that day will increase – even up to twice the usual price. Even if you only want to express your love to your beloved mother with a box of chocolates, you might find the price becomes pricier or the items are out of stock a few days before Valentine’s Day.

8. Valentine’s Day Celebration Makes People Avoid Social Media

For some weird reason, in this era of internet of things, many modern couples think it is necessary to have a “conversation” with each other about their feelings on Facebook, Path, etc – even if they live under the same roof.

If you really want to tell your partner that you love him or her, do you really need to make sure all of your Facebook friends know? When you take a picture of the gifts you receive and publish it on Facebook, is it a way to say your thank-you or is it merely to show-off?

Another reason, many of your friends have yet to find their special ones. It is okay to be empathetic of other people, isn’t it?

9. You Don’t Need to Show the World Your Love on Valentine’s Day

The February 14th celebration has become exaggerated and widely recognized by people around the world. So why don’t you and your partner commemorate one special date of your own and celebrate it like a Valentine’s Day? What’s great about it is when both of you can still remember the day after years gone by, even without being bombarded by any ads.

Then when you want to express your love, just go over him or her, and say it tenderly. We guarantee that the respond will be much better than if you publish a status on Facebook.

10. You Need to Show Your Love to Your Partner Every Day

This is something we all know for sure, but find it hard to do. With busyness and noises surround us, we tend to forget to appreciate God’s gifts to us – our spouse is one of them.

Love does not need to be expressed by big actions or loud words all the time, but it could also be reflected one small things when you are interacting with each other. Ask yourself, if you were your partner, would you be happy with your attitude and treatment toward him or her? Hopefully you do not need a reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year

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