Salary Comparison Between Female and Male Employees: Have We Reached Parity?

Throughout history, women have gone through many phases in order to be able to arrive at the point where we are today. From struggling for education, career to equal treatment in the society – women seem to be demanded to always “chase after” those from the opposite gender who have already been granted their many rights.

According to several global researches, in average women get 24% less salary compared to their male peers. To make it easier to understand how big the gap is, here is an illustration: if woman A and man B have the same qualifications and are in the same position in a company, man B would get Rp 4 million in salary per month while woman A would only get Rp 3,040,000 per month. In a year, Man B would receive Rp 48 million while woman A would receive less than Rp 36.5 million. This means 3-month less of what man B makes!

Cause of Income Gap

Looking back to what is widely accepted as the proper social norm, especially in Asia, women and children are the men’s responsibilities. This causes the perception that men deserve higher salary than their female counterparts. According to a survey released by Jakarta-based salary comparison site last February, the salary difference between married and single men in Indonesia reached 64%.

However, we cannot argue that the number of women who act as family breadwinners is also rising. Based on the data from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) in 2014, it was estimated that 4 out of 10 households are primarily supported by a female.

As reported by, the income gap may be caused by various things, among others, the assumption that men’s qualification is higher than women’s, or that the women do not actually need extra facilities as they were not the primary breadwinners. Other than that, men tend to have longer work hour and try to avoid long leave, while women are entitled to have paid maternity leave.

Gap Between Female and Male’s Salary in Indonesia

A survey by Qerja revealed that male employee generally receive 34% more than female employee in Indonesia. Moreover, the number of male managers in various industries are higher than female managers.

“From 5,503 respondents, there are only 555 or around 10% female managers,” according to the company data.

Learning the practice that has been going on in the five most favourite industries – banking and financial services, consulting and legal services, media, mining and retail, it is was found that all industries value their male employees more than the female.

The Salary Difference Between Male and Female Managers in 5 Popular Industries*

Industri Female Male
Average Female Salary Range of Female Salary Average Male Salary Range of Male Salary
Banking & Financial Services
Rp 9.9 million/ month   
Rp 5 million- Rp 14 million/ month
Rp 12 million/ month Rp 7 million- Rp 15 million/ month
Consulting, Research & Legal Services
Rp 15 million/ month
Rp 6.4 million- Rp 22 million/ month Rp 21 million/ month Rp 11 million- Rp 25 million/ month
Retail & Wholesale Trading
Rp 9.4 million/ month Rp 4.9 million- Rp 14 million/ month Rp 11 million/ month Rp 6 million- Rp 15 million/ month
Mining, Oil & Gas Rp 21 million/ month Rp 10 million- Rp 21 million/ month Rp 24 million/ month Rp 13 million- Rp 30 million/ month
Media, Entertainment & Advertising Rp 8.7 million/ month Rp 4.2 million- Rp 11 million/ month Rp 11 million/ month Rp 7 million- Rp 14 million/ month

*Based on the interview and survey from in 2016. The actual salaries can be higher or lower than above estimation.

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