Salary Comparison Between Female and Male Employees: Have We Reached Parity?

Female Manager Can Get Higher Salary in Certain Fields

Although in general women are being paid less, several industries or fields value us higher than our male counterpart. Here are some of the examples:

Fashion and Textile

Every day, new faces of male designers in this these industries are popping up. However despite the fact, the data showed that textile, fashion and clothing industries valued us more than they did men. According to Qerja, the average salary of female manager in the industry ranged between Rp 8 million and Rp 15 million while the average salary of the men in the industries holding the same position ranged only between Rp 5.9 million and Rp 14 million.

Beauty and Lifestyle

Nowadays, there are more beauty salon and spas which offer various beauty care methods and technologies to enhance beauty. More women are interested in these kinds of services and it is no surprise female staffs are more in demand to fill vacancies in these industries. Female manager earned between Rp 8 million-Rp 12 million while male manager Rp 5.5 million-Rp 8 million. The gap is quite significant, don’t you think?


We know that the automotive industry is relatively dominated by men. However, this industry is willing to offer higher pays for its female sales managers at around Rp 12 million-Rp 23 million, compared to male managers in the same department at around Rp 8 million-Rp 18 million.

Gender and income equalities will still be our homework to solve, even for many years to come. World Economic Forum (WEF) estimated that such gap would not be eliminated until 2133.

This said, it may be time to focus less in demanding equality and supporting feminism when we are celebrating International Women’s Day, and work more to encourage the change of norm in the society. That way, hopefully women will be able to stand alongside men, work harder and set an example for the next generation in order for them to be able to enjoy true equality.

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