10 Side Jobs That Will Not Take Much of Your Time

If one job cannot cover your monthly expenses, an alternative is to take part time jobs. There are many things that you can do in your spare time. It is really tempting because everyone can do it, i.e. a housewife who wants to have more money for groceries, a college student who is running out of monthly allowance, or even an office worker who is willing to make the best out of their weekends.

Here are some part-time jobs with small time commitment that one can explore:

1. Bicycle/ Motorcycle Parking

This small business is quite profitable and not too demanding. However, people would need this parking spot only at certain locations, e.g. near schools, main roads, public transport stops, or train stations. Some things you need to know when starting this business:

  • Create a more covered space for your bicycle or motorcycle storage so that it is safe and protected from the sun
  • Provide a better service that would make your business stands out from the rest of bicycle storage services nearby

The estimate revenue that you will gain (not including the price of land):

One bicycle = Rp 5,000 X 50 bicycles = Rp 250,000 per day x 30 days = Rp 7.5 million per month.

Employees salary cost = Rp 2 million per month.

Profit = Rp 7.5 million – Rp 2 million = Rp 5.5 million.

2. Opening a Grocery Store

Grocery stores usually sell staple foods like rice, sugar, coffee, cigarettes, as well as herbs and spices. In order to start running this business, you need to have enough starting capital to build a store in a strategic location and to stock up supplies in the store. Once you have set a budget to buy supplies and calculated your revenue after paying for wages and rent – if you do not own the property, you can get around Rp 500 per item.

You should combine staple foods with non-perishable foods that have a long shelf life – more than 6 months, and keep your shop away from dampness and insects.

3. Computer Rental and Repair Services

This business can be very profitable when it is built in a strategic location. You can also sell computer accessories, i.e. mouse and USB cables, to add variety of business.

Here are some tips to run a computer rental business:

  • Choose good quality computers – to last at least within 5 years
  • Provide complementary facilities with reasonable price, such as internet, a printer, scanner, or even a café to make people stay longer
  • By hiring Diploma graduates who are skillful in assembling and repairing computers, you will be able to diversify your business by adding computer repair to your services – while also create job opportunities.

4. Selling Refills for Water Gallon

Water refill center has become a rewarding business in the past few years, because not many people consume boiling water anymore. Nowadays, we see more people open a refill center in their residences.

Hera are several things that you need to consider:

  • At the beginning, buy several gallons as a reserve
  • Maintain the gallon and water hygiene

Starting capital: 1 gallon Rp 50,000 x 20 = Rp 1 million.

Refill station and tools = Rp 10 million.

Gross profit = 1 refill Rp 6,000 x 30 customers = Rp 180,000 per day.

5. Becoming a Freelance Writer

This job may look easy, but requires experience. The more you write, the better you are in transforming ideas and words into a piece of article.

Since one will have many competitions in this field, one should work on these requirements in order to become better:

  • Follow the brief carefully, especially when it comes to deadlines
  • Proofread your writing to keep it sharp and eliminate grammar mistakes
  • Prepare some starting capital to become a writer:

Phone credit or internet service = Rp 50,000-Rp 100,000 per month.

A laptop or desktop PC = Rp 4 million or more.

6. Selling Mobile Phone Credit

Maintaining a part-time job as a mobile phone credit seller is favorable, because mobile devices have become the primary means of communications today.

When you are ready to start, go to a store that works with agents in selling mobile credit, and register your GSM card there. After that, you will be able to conduct transactions – both for selling phone credit and adding balance into your account. With a minimum of Rp 250,000, you will be able to earn around Rp 500 from every transaction. The key is to provide fast and friendly services all day, whenever your customers need them.

7. Photo Editing Services

If you want to make money on the side and do not mind to sit for many hours working with a graphic design software, you can probably work as a part-time photo editor. Some things you need to prepare:

  • One computer with high specs for graphic design – the prices vary depending on brand and screen size. You will need at least Rp 7 million to buy one laptop or desktop PC

  • One computer with high specs for graphic design – the prices vary depending on brand and screen size. You will need at least Rp 7 million to buy one laptop or desktop PC.

  • If you are using a desktop PC, prepare a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to prevent losing your date during blackouts

  • A printer machine to print mock-ups.

8. Clothing Alterations and Repair Services

Although it seems trivial, this business will always be needed, because people are changing clothes every day and have no time to repair broken stitching, zippers, or loose buttons. This work is suitable for those who enjoy and good at sewing.

To get started, you will need one sewing machine along with various kits, i.e. scissors, needles, colorful threads, etc. The price of a sewing machine may vary, from around Rp 2.5 million to Rp 10 million or more.

Try to promote the business to your closest friends – like the parents you meet at your child’s school, or colleagues at work. If you are able to get 3-4 orders every weekend, for Rp 15,000 each, you can earn an extra cash of Rp 240,000 in a month. Once you have more customers, you can hire a tailor assistant.

9. Auto Broker Services

An auto broker is providing service by helping someone to sell his or her vehicle, in which one will receive a percentage of amount that both parties have agreed upon. If you are interested in exploring this job, you can find people who want to sell their vehicles, followed by making a contract and finding the potential buyers.

How to become an auto broker:

  • Allocate time to find people who want to sell their motorcycles. You can do it consistently by reading the classified ads on local newspaper or the internet, or simply ask your neighbors and relatives.
  • Negotiate on the selling price of the vehicle and the amount of your compensation.

While this business only requires a small capital, in the form of phone credit and internet bandwidth, this part-time job could give you up to 5% of the vehicle selling price. Pretty nice, right?

10. Becoming a Laundry Agent

This business can be done by housewives or basically anyone who have a strategic house or business location near the target market who would search for a laundry service, such as boarding houses, universities, and middle-class apartments.

Many laundry businesses are looking for agents in order to increase their orders. Without any starting capital, the agent revenue share could reach between 10% and 15% for laundry by the kilo, or around 25% for regular laundry. In addition to putting a neon box at your place, you can also promote your service by handing out flyers or word of mouth when you are hanging out with friends and relatives.

When you have decided to choose a part-time job that suits to your needs, do it consistently and wholeheartedly so that you will reap the benefit.

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