​July's Checklist (2016)

1. Stick to initial budget

If you are not careful, you might end up spending a lot this month, especially when gathering with your relatives. Use this time to connect with your loved ones, give zakat and do not focus too much on materials. You can use LiveOlive's THR budget template and stick to that amount so that you would still have some money left for savings and investment.

2. Doing good deeds while decluttering

There is no point in holding onto old items that have sentimental values but do not serve anything for your benefit anymore. It is best to let them go while they are still in good conditions, e.g. clothes, shoes, handbags, electronics, etc. While you are decluttering and it does not cost you a thing, you can make someone else feel happy.

3. Back-to-school preparation

If you are a parent with school-aged children, use this holiday to prepare the necessary things before they return to school next month. Make sure everything is ready, from their school uniform, bag, books, notebooks, stationery, to school bus. It is better to prepare your budget ahead of time so that any expenses for this do not overlap with lebaran budget.  

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