15 Cool Co-working Spaces in Indonesia

As startups become a hot commodity and we hear more successful stories from young startup founders, the concept of generating ideas and working without limitation of space are becoming more common in Indonesia.

In big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, the cost of renting an office space is relatively expensive for those who have just started a business or want to develop their business ideas while keep working as a freelancer. On the other hand, working from home is considered less professional and not dynamic enough – especially when trying to sell products or services to the market.

The number of office rent facilities that support this entrepreneurial spirit is increasing due to the rising demand. Over the past two years, co-working space has become a familiar term for many of us. Here are 15 co-working spaces that you can find in several big cities nationwide:

1. Kedasi

This co-working space is located within a strategic area near popular universities, such as Universitas Trisakti and Universitas Bina Nusantara a.k.a. Binus. Not just appealing for freelancers, this space is also inviting for student gatherings. They also offer private offices with extra facilities, i.e. a dedicated line, a desktop computer, printing, etc. You can book a meeting room, use the game room, outdoor lounge, and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee at the semi-outdoor pantry. The rate is starting from Rp 30,000 per hour to Rp 1.2 million per month.

Location: Jl. Cempaka Atas no. 24, Jati Pulo, Tomang, West Jakarta
Operational hours: Monday-Friday, 09.00-20.00
Contact: 021-29401112
Email: [email protected]

2. Conclave

Located in the ever crowded Wijaya Street, this co-working space will create a good first impression for visitors. Covering a spacious area, the interior design of this co-working space is homey and neat, that it would boost one’s mood to create something. No wonder this space immediately attracts some startups that work within the creative industry.

Overall, Conclave is equipped with meeting rooms and a theater room which could accommodate up to 125 people. Every tenant is also welcome to read or work in a cozy library inside this facility. Other additional perks include private lockers, printers, and free beverages. This place is quite well-known as a seminar venue and the likes, so you need to make sure whether the space is still available. The ongoing rate is around Rp 50,000 per hour, or up to Rp 200,000 per day. If you want to become a permanent member, the rate is Rp 25 million for a year.

Location: Jl. Wijaya I No. 5C, South Jakarta
Operational hours: Monday-Sunday, 08.00-23.00
Contact: 021-27510329

3. WorkOut

The positioning of this co-working space is quite unique. Tenants will be able to get their jobs done, while maintaining their healthy lifestyle – by utilizing the sport equipment, i.e. bicycle. Other facilities include broadband internet, hot shower, private lockers, and game room. The rate starts from Rp 200,000 for a four-hour visit to Rp 5 million for one-week visit. There are two meeting rooms – each would accommodate up to 8 people and is offered for Rp 200,000 per hour.

Location: Area Perkantoran Grand Panglima Polim kav. 90, Jl. Panglima Polim no. 16-17, South Jakarta
Operational hours: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00 WIB
Contact: 021-22776623 
Email: [email protected]

4. TierSpace

The two-story facility is doing its best to keep up with other co-working spaces by offering a comprehensive service, from Wi-Fi, drinks, pantry, private lockers, scanner, printer, to photocopy machine. They mainly provide a work desk and private offices for a number of startup that have less than 5 team members. All of these services are available for Rp 30,000 per hour, or up to Rp 3.2 million per month.

Location: Jl. Bakti No.10, South Jakarta
Operational hours: Monday-Friday, 09.00-20.00, and Saturday, 10.00-16.00
Contact: 021-29126145 
Email: [email protected]

5. Ciputra GEPI Incubator (CGI)

GEPI (Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia) was founded on January 011 by 13 prominent business leaders in Indonesia, including Ir. Ciputra. As one of the first startup incubators in the country, CGI is equipped with a co-working space, as well as incubation which provides mentoring and access to funding, a coding class, and community-building events at reasonable rate.

Since they receive many applicants each month, every startup should register and go through selection process. As mentioned on its official site, the monthly rate to use this co-working space is Rp 1.5 million per person.

Location: DBS Tower Ciputra World 1, 9th floor, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5, South Jakarta
Operational hours: Monday-Saturday, 09.00-23.00
Contact: 021-29885950 
Email: [email protected]

6. HackerspaceBDG

Initiated by two members of FOWAB, this dedicated space is slightly different than a co-working space, although both spaces are utilized as an office. The rate is established through donation, which is around Rp 500,000 a month. They provide similar facilities, i.e. desk, chair, Wi-Fi access, drinking water, printer, and so on. Apart from being used as a working space, HackerSpaceBDG is also hosting community events. When this article is written, its official website is under construction.

Location: Jl. Dipati Ukur no. 5, Bandung, West Java
Operational hours: Monday-Friday, 10.00-01.00
Contact: 022-2534426 
Email: [email protected]

7. Hubud

Some of us think Bali is more suitable as a holiday destination than a working location, but what if we can combine both?

Hubud is built as an open space, so that tenants will be able to enjoy the garden view to refresh their eyes whenever they feel tired. In order to use their facilities, one must become a member, by paying Rp 500,000 per 25 hour in a month, or up to Rp 2.5 million a month for unlimited use of rooms and facilities. Although located in a touristy area, the space is open for 24 hours.

Location: Jl. Monkey Forest no. 88X, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali
Operational hours: Monday-Friday, 08.00-21.00
Contact: 0361-978073

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