August's Checklist (2016)

1. Free yourself from debt

We are celebrating Indonesia's independence day. Do you feel like a free person? No matter how old you are, it is better not to be financially dependent on others. One of the ways to reach financial freedom is by paying off your debt. Set aside 20%-30% of your debt to pay debt each month, and live extra frugal for several months. Read LiveOlive article to get more tips on this.

2. Recalculate your budget

After a long consumptive holiday, try to recalculate your budget by prioritizing your primary needs. This is the time to set aside more fund to fill your family vacation fund, or pay off your credit card bill that has exceeded your normal spending. Avoid the temptation of paying as much as the minimum fee, because it would multiply your debt in no time. If you want to save, reduce your frequency of eating out and going to a salon, spa for treatment, etc.

3.Support a good cause

It is time to take part in social causes that you believe in, e.g. things that are related to the improvement of education and the environment. By becoming a volunteer, you will become a more tolerant individual who are more sensitive to what is happening around you. Donating money is not the only option; you can also contribute your energy and mind to solve a social issue.

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