The Vocab You Need to Know When Shopping Online

Shopping in an online shop often requires one to adapt with language which includes the terms generally used within the community.

Although you are hesitate to use these unique terms, eventually you will need to understand them in order to connect with the sellers.

”At first, I was just following everyone else. I just followed the rules set by the forum and its community. So, when I ask about things before purchasing something, I would look like someone who has done online shopping many times before. Hence, the sellers will not want to try to mess with me,” says Anton, 21, when asked about his reason in using online shop language when making online transactions through the internet.

Julia, 21, has similar reasons to use the online shop language. Since she wants to be seen as someone who understands about online shopping – so that she could interact well with the sellers and not easily get tricked, Julia learned all kinds of these terms and abbreviations of unknown origin.

“I learned the terms so I can respond well and understand what the seller means. If the sellers know that we do not “speak” their language, it will be easy for them to lie – either by increasing the prices or lying about the origin and quality of the stuff. If that is the case, we will suffer for the loss,” Julia explains.

Although we do not know whether those assumptions are true or not, there is no harm in learning some online shopping terms that are frequently used by Indonesians in online buying-selling forum like KASKUS, Female Daily, or a marketplace like Tokopedia, etc. Have you heard any of them? 

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