8 Affordable Legal Products that Can Reduce Piracy Habit

Indonesia has long been depicted as “piracy heaven”, as it ranks second among countries with the highest piracy rate in the world. This is treated as a common fact by many people in Indonesia, although in reality, we should be embarrassed by it.

From movies, books, music, fashion items, computer software to games – people never run out of things to pirate. Despite actual legal threats, access to pirated goods is still wide open and easy to reach. When we go to malls, trade centers, markets or walk among street vendors, we would definitely see some pirate items being sold openly.

However, it is time to improve our way of thinking by reducing the habit of pirating and starting to use legal products that are actually affordable:

1. Spotify

Not only does piracy violate copyright and harm the music makers, it also reduces the quality of the music we enjoy. Since its launch in Indonesia in March 2016, the Swedish music streaming provider has received good feedback from music lovers – especially those in their 20s and 30s.

Equipped with hundreds of playlists based on themes and personal moods, Spotify also allows premium users to listen to the music offline and without ads. This app could also be a good music reference for busy people like us who do not have time to follow the top 40 lists, but still want to be accompanied by nice playlists when jogging in the morning, entertaining guests at home, or even dealing with a broken heart.

The premium account subscription costs around Rp 49,990 per month. However, Spotify offers one-month free trial for new users and sometimes discount up to 90%. It is already collaborating with several mobile operators for payment using mobile credit balance for those who do not have credit cards.

2. Netflix

Instead of wasting your valuable time and storage space to find and download illegal contents from Torrent sites or stack up on pirate DVDs you would only watch once or twice, why not connect to a movie streaming site like Netflix?

Did you know that the cost of one-month subscription on Netflix is cheaper than going out on a movie date with your girlfriend or boyfriend on weekend? This US-based service company is aimed for those who want to spend time relaxing with friends and families and watch movies together at home. It offers subscription packages starting from as low as Rp 109,000 for 1-4 users. Parents can relax, too, because it has parental control settings.

Just like Spotify, Netflix offers one month user trial. What is exciting about Netflix is you can find Netflix original movies that you will not find elsewhere. However, if you like Asian and Indonesian movies, it would be better to compare Netflix with similar movie streaming services such as HooqGenflix and iFlix – all of them offer lower subscription fee.

3. Pixabay

For companies in publication and creative field, the use of photos and videos is crucial. If you have been wasting time to steal photos from search engine, make changes here and there or completely ignoring copyrighted items, it is time to change!

Instead of thinking about violating a copyright, you can download royalty-free pictures and videos from Pixabay. The German public-domain image site offers thousands of royalty-free photos, illustrations and videos for commercial use. Pixabay is currently raising fund through Kickstarter to build its mobile app version.

4. Kindle

Eager to read and gain as much knowledge is indeed great, but this does not give anyone the right to pirate books – either by downloading on the internet or buying pirate books.

One of the options you can explore to reduce book-shopping cost is buying ebooks. Although it may cost around Rp 900,000 to get an ebook reader like Kindle, this device is very durable and require minimum charging – the battery could last for weeks. However, even if one does not have a Kindle, one could buy ebooks and read them on computers, tablets or mobile devices.

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