September's Checklist (2016)

1. Learn about Tax Amnesty

Have you heard about the tax amnesty program that was launched last July? This policy is a free-pass for taxpayers to disclose incomplete or unreported income in their 2015 and previous tax periods without having to face prosecution by the tax court or pay any penalty. If you want to join this program, make sure you do not miss all of the information. The first period is about to end this month. You can read more at

2. Contact insurance agent

The global economy slowdown should make us wiser in utilizing our money. Before you even get sick or experience an unfortunate event that could drain your savings, it is better to check any insurance policy that you and your family have. Take time to get in touch with your insurance agents and ask them every now and then if there are new interesting products. If you have just arrived at a new life stage, e.g. got married, gave birth, or quit your job to become an entrepreneur, now is probably the right time to renew your policy – doing top-up, upgrade, or switching.

3. Know your heart

Did you know that cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the biggest cause of death for people around the world? Several studies show that risk factors include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, physical inactivity and overweight problem. This year's World Heart Day will be celebrated on September 29, under a theme "Power Your Life". The campaign wants to remind that our heart powers the whole body. By making a few simple daily changes, we can make a lasting different to our heart health. You can take part and support this action by visiting World Heart Day site and using #worldheartday on social media.

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