October's Checklist (2016)

1. Exercise more

For some people, starting an exercise routine is a difficult thing to do. However, once you start the routine, it will not be easy for you to quit. Start with something light and easy to do, such as jogging or bicycle rides with your family during the car-free day on Sunday. If you want to try something more fun, try a specific sport that makes you feel more confident and allows you to meet cool people – e.g. joining a yoga class, wall climbing, pole dancing, or even belly dancing.

2. Rearrange your wallet

Does it take a long time for you to pull out small bills or specific cards that you need from your wallet? In that case, maybe it is time for a wallet makeover. Everyone has their own ways in arranging a wallet, so do whatever makes it easier for you to access your wallet, e.g. make all the bills facing the same way and organize each denomination from the smallest to largest, place the discount and reward cards in a separate wallet. A messy wallet can be an indicator that your budget needs a revisit.

3. Prepare year-end holiday

If you and your family want to enjoy a year-end holiday but keep your budget in place, make a plan in advance to avoid the price hike on airfare and accommodation near the holiday. Make use of the credit card reward points that you have unintentionally collected through your regular shopping activities and turn it into mileage at a frequent flyer program that you often use, i.e. Garuda Indonesia, KrisFlyer, or Asia Miles. Start monitoring promotional offers from online travel agents and make a reservation once you have set a holiday budget. Ideally, your holiday expense should not exceed one month of your salary or average income.

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