Things I Hide from My Partner

It would be safe to say that we expect honesty from our partners. But are we being honest to them ourselves? 

Here are confessions from both men and women about what they keep from their significant others.

Dianne, 28 years old, employee in a private company

“I wonder why I really love buying lipstick. I lost count of how many lipsticks are in my house. My husband never gets angry, nor ever does he ask about it. But at the end of the day I always hide these items anyway.I just put it in the office, in the car, my mother’s house, and so on.”

“It’s silly actually, because how many men who really notice or even count their spouse’s lipstick? Hehe.”

Danis, 35 years old, entrepreneur

“What I usually hide from my wife are gaming devices. It is just small stuff like headset, mouse, etc but I want the good stuff … and good stuff is expensive.

I can only imagine my wife's reaction if she knows that the price of the mouse I use is more than a million rupiah (approximately USD 90). She would definitely keep on talking about it and say that the money can go for a better use. But what can I say?

One way I hide it is to keep it in my office. Fortunately, I work for technology company so sometimes I sneak in my personal purchase along with an office item. For example, if I get a new mouse from the office, and I bought an expensive headset, I will say that they were both from the office. Easy, right?”

Daisy, 34 years old, employee in a private company

“I never shop without my husband knowing about it. However, he doesn’t really knowthe exact price of the stuff I buy. For example, I often buy designer handbags with my own money and my husband does not know the exact price of those bags. Fortunately, he’s pretty much ignorant about this as long as our family primary needs can be fulfilled.

Then one day, my husband went to Europe on a business trip. While he was taking a walk, he came upon the shop of the designer whose handbags I own. He immediately texted me and asked if I wanted him to buy a handbag from that shop.

I was torn. On one hand, I was so excited because he offered to buy me something that I wanted; on the other hand, I was worried that he would find out the real price of my handbag collection.”

Maya, 27 years old, employee in a private company

“I love shopping.”

“To avoid arguments with my husband about my shopping habit, I only tell him about my ‘productive expenditure’. For example, he would know if I bought office or household items, or gold for investment. “Good girl”, that's what my husband would say.

However, when my purchases are about secondary needs, usually I will hide them. When I really need to bring home some stuff such as make up or skin care, I may say it was a gift from friend, since people that I work with at the office often take trips abroad. If it were a bag, a shirt, or shoes, I would usually tell him that I bought it in the discount section or at a bazaar. I don’t want my husband to know how much I actually paid for it and start an argument with him!”

Christian, 30 years old, employee in a private company

“Like most men, I spend on my hobby and for me, it’s motorcycle spare parts, accessories, or small things for the bike.

Mostly, I buy spare parts so it is not obvious. But if it were something she can see, I would say it was given from a friend. Luckily, I have many friends who run businesses related to my hobby.

However, because she rarely asks about it, it does not really matter. It is my own money so I can do whatever I want with it and so does she with hers!”

Ryan, 32 years old, employee in a private company

I never lie to my wife especially about shopping. I happen to be the single breadwinner in the family and thank god, we can always meet our needs. Even if once in a while my wife wants to buy luxury items, I wouldn’t mind as long as our primary needs are fulfilled.

However, there was this one incident when I tried to lie to my wife.

I bought alloy rims and the price was pretty expensive. I had this feeling that she would still think that it was a bit pricey for just alloy rims so when she asked how much it was, I ended up lying to her, stating a price that was half what I paid for. My wife only nodded because she did not have any clue about car accessories.

Then came the next day, when she asked, "How much was the price of the rims again?"

Because I am used to being honest with financial-related matters, I didn’t know how to answer and just said, "How much did I say yesterday?"

Apparently she found the bill in the pocket of my pants!

Lucky for me, she has a laid-back attitude. Otherwise, we would have started the third world war!

I will never lie again because why should I lie when I have such a wonderful wife?

Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher once said, “I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.”

Is avoiding conflict really worth risking your partner’s trust?

Let us know, down below 

We’d love to hear your reactions and stories.

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