How I Lost 5 Kilos and Improved My Nett Worth

I was a serial dieter. Name that diet, I’ve probably tried it. However, the weight I gained after giving birth would just not go away.


My bank account also suffered as I kept on buying new clothes to hide that extra weight that looks cute only on an eight year old.

It was absolutely frustrating… until I discovered a few tricks that made a huge difference. I have lost 5 kilos over 6 months and have managed to keep them off.

Here’s how I did it:


This may sound lame, but it really works! Psychologically, a smaller plate gives you the impression that the portions are normal when, in fact, you are eating less.

Set up your bank account so that it automatically transfers from your “spending basket” to your “savings basket”.

Keeping them in the same account makes you think you have more to spend rather than the need to save.

In Asia, dishes tend to be shared at the middle of the table where you take a little bit and go for second servings (and a third, perhaps?).

Try putting on your plate the portion that you will consume and then resist re-filling.
A cardiologist said that the size of your fist is the right portion whether it’s chicken, rice, or beef. You are free to have unlimited amounts of leafy vegetables though.

Set-up your budget and ensure that you are sticking to it.

Here’s how to

keep track of your budget without ending up with pieces of paper inside your wallet.

Saturdays are for treating me – a cup of ice cream, a slice of that rainbow cake.
Don’t deprive yourself too much or you will end up frustrated and de-motivated.

Once a month or once a quarter, indulge in that pair of shoes or that pretty shift dress.
It will give you something to look forward to and will keep you motivated to stick to your budget.

Instead, find something else to vent your frustrations with. Listening to music works for me. 

Follow Diet Tip No. 4, find something else to vent your frustrations with.



For me it was a choice between rainbow cake or soda drinks. I must really like rainbow cake. 


If travel is more important to you than going to the salon weekly, then be prepared to make those trade-offs.


I am now happily at 50 kg --- the lightest I’ve been since I gave birth 12 years ago!  And the best thing is that it now requires very little effort at all to maintain this weight.

My bank account is also healthier and I don’t feel constantly deprived financially.

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