I Want to Have a Garden

This is something I think about after I got married and became a housewife. For me, it was a drastic change of routines – from working in a big company to staying home all day. After a while, I got bored and wanted to have a new activity. My husband suggested that we make use of the extra space we have in our front and backyard for gardening. However, I’m totally clueless about the techniques and worry that I would just end up wasting money and time.

1. Have you put an idea and calculated the cost for the garden?
a. No. It’s my husband’s idea, so I will let him do the planning
b. I have put together some designs from magazines that I like
c. We have discussed the concept with a friend who is a landscape architect
2. Do you have emergency fund?
a. What’s that? I’ve never heard of it
b. I think we have just about enough for 6 months (around Rp 66 million)
c. Yes, but we will use our extra savings for this purpose
3. How are you going to treat the garden?
a. I will plant the seeds and water the plants as they grow
b. I will choose colorful plants and flowers that I like, so that I’ll be happy to take care of it 

every day
c. I want to make the garden not only nice to look at, but also useful to grow fresh herbs
for our kitchen
If You Score 50 or Less:
You are not prepared to have a garden, either because you are not familiar with nature-related activities or because you are just doing it for your husband. First, you have to be ready to make a long-time commitment to take care of the garden –-preparing the soil, planting seeds, watering, monitoring the growth, etc— or to hire a gardener to look after it for you. The last option would cost you an additional expense every month, and it is something you should avoid if you haven’t secured an emergency fund. If you don’t really like gardening, you can try doing other activities instead.
If You Score Above 50-80:
You have an idea of having a garden and it should work if you have the patience and time to do it. However, be aware that things might not go according your plan. For example, to get the result that you see on a magazine might take weeks or even months of maintenance. Before you spend a significant amount of money for this purpose, why not start with something small –such as sowing chili or coriander seeds of in a pot— to find out whether you really enjoy the process of not. If you do, then maybe you can start gardening.  
If You Score 80 or More:
You and your husband are willing to spend extra money for this purpose because it seems that both of you like nature and think that a garden will increase the aesthetic of your residence. Well, a beautiful garden will not just increase the aesthetic value of a house, but also its overall value in the market. So, plan it well and breakdown the estimated cost before starting anything. Having fresh herbs from your own garden could also mean healthier cooking and lower budget for groceries shopping.

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