Wallet Makeover for Better Saving Habits

 Without looking, can you tell what’s in your wallet? 

  • Is it an accounting file of receipts?
  • A photo album?
  • A business card holder?
  • All of the above

You may think that your wallet is simply a place to stash your cash but it could also be a reflection of how you manage your personal finances. How much clutter does it have? If ever you lose it, how affected will you be?

Save Money by Organizing Your Cash & Cards

Receipts and bills, of course they go to the wallet as soon as we pay, but the problem is when we absentmindedly think that we don’t have enough cash that we go the ATM for more even though we don’t need any. 

Such a small thing can lead to bigger things because there’s a big challenge that once the cash is out, we tend to spend more than we planned.

A “LiveOlive Wallet Makeover” might help you trim the contents of your wallet down to the basics:

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