How I Found an Extra Rp 1 Million a Month

How many of us think that we have lots of expenses? We could argue, well, if we didn’t have them, where did all our money go? However, if we actually take the time to break down our monthly expenses, we would find that we are able to make cuts on things that are not that important at all, and thus enabling us to save more.

LiveOlive talked to Marlina –an IT business representative– and Riana –a PR consultant– who had willingly given their monthly expenses a look over. After careful consideration and after making cuts, the two ladies found that they were able to save considerable sums of money.

You can do it too.

The first thing you need to do –which is also the first thing these two ladies did– is to identify the expenses that you think can be reduced or eliminated from your monthly expenditure.

For Marlina, this meant reducing the amount of lunches and dinners in upscale restaurants. To enforce this, she created a weekdays’ meal budget of Rp 30,000 for lunch and dinner. It also meant that she had to reduce the frequency of her hanging out times at coffee shops from three times a day to just one. She also decided to use two phones instead of three and to use the taxi vouchers she receives from her office instead of driving her car to work. 

“After making my calculations, I realized that most of my expenditures were regarding those four things. Without realizing it, I spend a lot of money every day on them. I quickly understand that this amount of spending can be prevented so that I can have more savings instead,” she said.

Riana had a more systematical approach. She broke it down into four categories: reduce, maximize, stop and change.

“All of the approaches have the same goal, to maximize return on the spending or expenses and save money from unnecessary spending,” she explained.

Just like Marlina, she restricted her high-end restaurant visits to just the weekend. She also decided to use one mobile number for her WhatsApp, instead of two. She no longer uses her car and driver above six p.m. unless it is absolutely necessary.

For the “maximize” category, Riana opted to change her unlimited Bikram Yoga membership to the same membership type for Iyengar Yoga. Apparently, she found out after a while that she could enjoy the second type of yoga practice more than the first –for the same amount of money. You can also do this if you currently have several sports memberships, but realize that you often skip one class more than the others.

More than that, Riana stopped her print magazine subscription and opted for the internet subscription. Last but not least, she changed her car fuel from high-octane Pertamax to low-octane Premium.

If you approach to budget cuts in the right way, you would be surprised at the amount you can save. You can then proceed to put that extra money to better use. Give it a try!

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