How to Get Rid of Your Old Stuff

Many people can testify to the clutter found inside their respective houses. Without a doubt, you can always find things that you don’t actually use anymore. Whether for sentimental reasons or for reasons unknown, sometimes it is very difficult to part with them. On a conscious level, you sort of know that you don’t need those things but you just can’t bring yourself to throw them away.

Break the habit.

It is time you de-clutter your spaces –your nooks and your crannies. The good news is you can reclaim your space while making money at the same time.

Pull yourself together and identify the goods that you want to get rid of. Is it that old rocking chair? How about your old feature phone? Or maybe some clothes and fashion items? Once you’ve got them sorted out, you can head on to one or two of the following places and start making a considerable amount of dough.

  • Furniture: For those of you thinking of selling your furniture, you may want to check out the Klender area. Along both sides of Pahlawan Revolusi street, you will find many secondhand furniture shops that are willing to buy yours at competitive prices. So if there are chairs or tables or sofas that have worn out or you don't like anymore, sell them here!    
  • Electronics or gadgets: If you’re looking for a place to sell your secondhand phones, laptops and any other sort of gadgets, head on to either Lokasari Mangga Besar, ITC Roxy Mas, Taman Puring or ITC Cempaka Mas. Those locations are filled with many electronic counters selling new and secondhand gadgets. Check out their different signage to determine which shops are ideal for you. Some usually put up signs saying that they are willing to buy your secondhand items. For shops that don’t, you can just go up to them and offer them your product. They may be interested. 
  • Clothes and fashion items: There are many locations that you can visit to sell these items, from Pasar Poncol Senen, Pasar Jatinegara, to Pasar Rumput, for example. The general conception is that these places only sell secondhand items, when in fact, they can actually buy from you as well. A regular flea market go-er, Dina, 31, says that all you have to do is bring whatever items that you want to sell, go up to one of the sellers and start offering them. They are open to doing business with you.

Surely there are plenty of other places and ways you can engage in to sell your pre-loved products. Maybe you are already familiar with sites like kaskus, OLX and the likes. Also, there are sites or communities that you can explore, such as, Market Plaza at, or garage sale events every now and then. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for them, too.

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